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  1. Hello! Your craft looks really good! But I don't understand how did you make the platform under the rover? Is it just putting some structual panels under it? Thanks!
  2. Did you mean: The Mechjeb didn't work by using the config /or/ The modified config makes everything died? I am not experienced at ksp modding tho, but I can have a try later with this config.
  3. I think you have to upgrade your tracking station to Level 2? I remember the modder of MechJeb2 said this was a game code issue and it cannot be fixed, I think it was the problem.
  4. So yeah, we have five default skins on our fairing, and i often notices that: - The silver skins always appear shiny in VAB/SPH but not on launchpad and other places (It appears darker and dimmer) - The "Gold" skin actually only made a few changes on the fairing "cylinder thing", not the fairing shell! (The fairing shell is still white in colour) Is this a normal issue? Does it used to appear like this? If yes, does any mod solve this problem? Or just I having a low graphics settings? (I already have "Full Res" Texture Quality settings) Thanks! Eric
  5. Same problem here (just create my new account because i want to solve this) KSP.log here (tried Zero MiniAVC and ran it before, the problem still exist) (I agree with @rextable , he said it was a mechjeb2 problem because i recently updated it, and the problem occurs) --- EDIT: --- I scroll back the ClickThroughBlocker version to and MechJeb v2.11.0.0, everything works fine now. You should investigate why this problem occurs. P.S. I tried delete MechJeb2 mod and runs the game with newest version of ClickThroughBlocker, and it works perfect
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