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  1. I'm designing an SSTO rn. My second, actually - I'm planning on calling it the "Falkon." Used some feedback from my first SSTO, like the overkill engines, to make this one better.
  2. https://kerbalx.com/Apocalyptapig/Primulus-SSTO I've been trying to make SSTOs for AGES, and today I finally made one, tested it out, and managed to get to orbit and back with fuel to spare! I'm so excited
  3. Thank you so much, HansAcker! I've added Chatterer, Double-tap Brakes, Easy Vessel Switch, RCS Build Aid and Tracking Station Evolved, and they're all awesome! I think my favorite rn is chatterer, I just love the little beeps and, well... chatter! And TSE is so incredibly useful that it makes me wonder how I ever played ksp without it. Thanks for recommending these awesome mods!
  4. So, I recently discovered that you can add mods from earlier versions using CKAN! (yeah, I know, i'm an idiot :P) So, I'm looking for some utility mods. Like, think mods like KER or KAC. Anyone have any ideas for mods that don't really change the core game that much, but are good utilities? edit: preferably for v1.9x or above, sorry I forgot to include that in the post
  5. Oops, yeah; I was awfully unclear with that first statement. Thanks for linking that wiki article btw, it's exactly what I needed to see :D. So, it appears that BBT is about 50s off in its KEO calculations. Well, that's weird, but I can live with it.
  6. That's right, but my problem is that two separate tools are giving two separate readouts, about a minute apart, not orbital drift. To rephrase my question, is keosynchronous orbit an orbital period of 1 kerbin day, or 1 kerbin day - 50 seconds, as BBT tells me? Edit: and yeah, shooting for exact orbits isn't really gonna help, but I also have BetterTimeWarp installed, and since I use ion engines on these probes, I can get pretty precise orbital periods, like down to hundredths of a second.
  7. test ah, so I've got like... 1 more post until the... wait, I'm an idiot, it shows it right under my profile lmao. My snazzy pfp and I thank you guys while I decide on a status! PS. is there anyway to have a post signature, by the way?
  8. So, I use (among other mods) Kerbal Engineer Redux and Better Burn Time. A few days ago, I set up a keostationary tri-satellite constellation, using KER to get my orbital period down to pretty much exactly 1 day (give or take a few milliseconds). Yesterday, I installed BBT, and noticed that it said I was 50s off from perfect keosync. But my orbital period is exactly the same as a Kerbin day, right? So, which one is more accurate here - BBT or KER?
  9. Does "posts" include comments? Or just full posts?
  10. Ah, I see. Well, thank you Caerfinon! Time to post about someof my crafts/mod issues, I guess
  11. Yeah, I'm that new, lmao. So, is there a post requirement before you can change your pfp or something? If not, could someone direct me to how exactly I can? Thanks in advance, guys -Apoco
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