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  1. Is there any actual documentation on Kerbalism I've spend ages looking and can't find any?
  2. I'm starting a new modded career mode. I'm aiming to create longevity in a RSS scale playthrough by allowing advanced offworld bases to be produced that can produce new crafts. The collection relies on but is not limited too: RSS + SMURFF (Changes stock parts to suit real scale) Kerbalism Simple Construction Space Transportation Systems (Because I no longer care about escaping the atmosphere) KSP Interstellar ??? A few questions I have; Does Kerbalism replace the need for something such as MKS? (as in you can create permanent bases on other bodies)
  3. Ah so these delivery routes will basically be magically transporting resources round? As in no vehicle will actually travel on the map view it'll just take the supply from one place to the next.
  4. Ah okay 'delivery routes' seem pretty similar to this idea. I'm glad they're going to be added. Theses other things I've talked about that I don't think would be covered by that. Guess we're just going to have to wait and see what more they're adding.
  5. It is? Apologies I haven't seen anything regarding a system like this do you have a link or source I can read?
  6. TLDR: Missions you have conducted are recorded and can be automatically conducted again. In my opinion, Kerbal Space Program (1) was very much Kerbal Space Mission. You didn't really run a program, you conducted missions with some added spice (in career). I personally always have tried to mod KSP to be more 'program' than mission, but it never really worked. I figured this is because running an entire space program requires a lot of micro-management which simply isn't fun. The main issues I encountered were resupply missions, grinding contracts for money and gathering science. R
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