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  1. Space colonized and mined, airplanes done, hydroplanes become perfect. But Kerbals need cars. And this car is ment to deliver for Colonizators & Conquerors Of The Entire Space they famous way of living. Mean at least 4 wheel drive and the rover have to flip on wheels after roll (by turning reaction wheels from SAS to normal) and of course be uncrashable. Started with that: I roll back corectly: But it is not big enough for a proper greenneck. This power platform should do: And can swim: It makes it very usefull on bodies that have fluid &
  2. Its a demob mobile rocket launcher used as lab carrier only for delivery to the Minmus. Tell the thruth - You are arming feudals hiding on the dark side of Minmus! [because on dark side of da Mun somone else is hiding] This sphere on horizon looks like an insult against those stright angles and flat planes. @AFF Your space plane looks awesome!
  3. Somehow first deep space hauler become a space port on Kerbins orbit: Engineer Bill took selfie with his new mine on Mun. After disasembling the old one made of many docket linked vessels this one is one piece [this mine is mine!]: Engines check: Mun becoming dusty after industrie is settled, if You didnt get there as turist in early space age You will never more see it clean like oceans without plastic and oil: Pilots and scientist leaving da Mun with few last unmaned vessels, science lab and mine. Mun become fuel station only. Heading home wi
  4. If You try to replicate NASA epic mistake just see to the bill they paid for Shuttle - it tell all how wrong it was do build winged spacecraft so early. When Soviets realize what they are duplicating trying to stop this nonsense. Lot of knowledge been build through this mistake, but for what cost - it froze USspaceprogram for decades. How many hours did You spend trying? Because I did this mistake at the begining and I fly my shuttle araound da Mun and so on. But time I spend calculating how to balance it for ascent was BAD.
  5. Which one do the underwater propulsion for this gigantic sub? Ye know - no screenshot = not done Today ther are cameras on every stage even if they throw a car on Sun orbit. Wow! Looks great! In a golden car^^ //--------------------------------------------------------// I spend some time testing electric propulsion for short span "planes" and it turn out - small electric motor shrouded with counterrotating motro obviously, and pair of them for fashion... can easily land and take of from water even on Eve (yeah "water"). My older hydroplane is i
  6. This rock is heading wrong way. Mine! Mine! Verniers struggle during breaking in PE: Mine breaking around Mun: And LFB land manualy as always:
  7. Kerbals did it better than Boeign - of course. Because they have Werhner. There are many photos were most of engineers from USspace program are germans. They bring idea of DINOSAUR space shutlle predecesor and lot of other things. US were at its peak during this period. Obviously Germany must be ocupied again to win the space :)
  8. I tested electric plane with smallest motors, docking port and all science. And it should looks like paper plane from school. It shows to be extremaly stable in flight, can turn back in "place" in air and fly. For landing reversing thrust few meters above ground allow it to land on spot. Started here, but cockpit was unacessible for Kerbals: changed cockpit: file: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2390892608
  9. Set in on launchpad and press space bar. If it fly good - load more. Experiment is an answer. Lot of things can happen during flight like You realise that with such cargo and aerodynamics You cant get proper gravity turn to save fuell and have to differ few kilometer up for 45deg.
  10. It is computer game. Limited simulation of part of statistical rules we know simplified to be simulated corectly enough using real time computing power we posses. It has no other sense than this. It is fun, it works, and even force us to consider "what if". We can imagine dragons even if they do not exist and have no biological sens - they are still cool. Slay the dragon, conquer the space - its fun.
  11. They will radiate all heat very quickly. Because stars do what they do. Space is not involved. This one we tried already. Those "stars" take energy instead of emiting. It is how Kerbin exist and Minmus do not fly away. Magic of computer games. It is a bit more complicated than one constans.
  12. I know. Repeled by other forces. I do not fall into the ground very often. Proportional against other forces. It could mean no stars att all. It is proportion. It is not easy scalable because of number of factors that are involved. If at all. What keep it from colapsing even more? If You press electrons against each other more they start to cast photons like crazy. They could be so fast that chemical properties would not create anything sofisticated if occur at all. If there is a way to set this experiment please send Ham first to ch
  13. It is one of many minor issues. Game is riged. It is why we call it a game. I guess devs checked only if it is playable after changes, not if results/player experience would be exactly the same. We can fix it on our own if we do not like the way devs did. It is like cursing gods for snow - just build a roof and burn fire. I do not thing if creator of the world cares much about our opinion about jetpacks as long it is playable and editable. I can live with those new jetpacks. Of course when Jeb was younger jetpacks were more powerfull, axes sharp, orcs bigger and so on. I do not see a
  14. Old Jeb would tell to his multiplanetary grandkerbals: - When I was Young jetpacks were more powerfull, rockets faster, sky unknown. Not like this days. What else You expect from such absurd topic? Devs changed few thing and this are results. If You do not like - edit it in files. I do not have any political opinion (I do not even know who is in power in my location). I'm just grumbling about results of devs divine power over poor Kerbals jetpacks. But I killed Jeb with jetpack on da Mun once before this implementation but not since.
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