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  1. So on rails or on body physics? What to refer when planing manouver?
  2. When You put it on the ground does it look like You carry this inside anything? Ot more like pictorial representation representation?
  3. It could be that You were docked to vessel. Sometimes it cause such trouble and sometimes not (tested on two diferent rover mission with diferent result).
  4. Your propeller is not draggy enough for motor output. Use bigger proppeler to abuse motor.
  5. And large is not - so there is a reason to use medium for steering. Mostly rear becaue it give You proper angle of attack. But there is no much use for bigger gear - this game is not much about aerodynamics. Bigger planes are just for fun. But if You would have steering on bigger plane medium gear somwhere could help for taxi. But since You run heavy plane should not be suported (in theory) by them (they went up on nose). So rear is evil solution, but it works in KSP delivering angle of attack, and tweakable spring and dumper allow to abuse it.
  6. You missed that You are about to carry more. Both weight and volume. See in KIS/KAS - if You load inventory with pipelines You cannot fly jetpack on da Mun - it gives You just a slower descent.
  7. Of course You do. Only reason why we think we not is that - we live on highest gravity solid rock around. We evolved very strong - it changes our perspective. If we evolve stronger because of gravity it would be hard to send anything to space. Back to Kerbals - on Eve laders are issue. Think Your vessel throu and test it. Extensivly. Mun and Minmus is forgiving. Heavier bodies not - if You fall Your rocket You are grounded. You lucky to encouter this issue on Minmus. Now You now that You need a vessel that have cargo in reach from ground. Propably one that will follow brave Kerbals o
  8. I found tread about badlands and a window in missions to get there, I never were. So I build a plane that get some speed (I do not have 3 last tech in aero so do not have better engines)... But it turned out that with this speed engines starting to burn. Radiator shields created so much drag that I lost1/3 of max speed. So I striped if from control surfaces to get even faster and get to evillands: Performed some experiments, one of them was (view from cockpit): View was noticed - it exist. Tested a juno drone: And some chores about refueling bi
  9. Make storage in reach. Why not fall Your rocket on Minmus? You can set it radial out back just with hair drayer there. Reasonable - it shuold be quite impractical to carry. But... Try to switch something You have in inventory against experiment station. I remember it work for me by accident - I got both value red, by I could carry that. It works for sure when You pick it up from ground. I just not need thissolution - I build vessels where cargo is accesible. True! Blasphemy! It fix abuse! They are not camels to carry that amount of stuff. Poor Kerbal
  10. You spend money You get on everything else to run Your own mission for science. You are not employee, You run a bussines - do not wait for orders. Go for what You need. You do not need them. Run manualy on markers.
  11. This topic could be intresting to make minigame about vessel design (and mission profile step by step with) for kind of automatic testing using MechWhatever. It is part of production, delivery, execution chain that exist in reality. People and division that design things have to operate them only with new, narrow technology but later on there are cheaper and more specialised people to do that. It often works better. Game is so complex that people find diferent, intresting parts of it like design, flying, micromanagin, orbital station, ground base, mining, micromanaging of route planing/re
  12. Do You have world stabiliser? In such case exclude launchpad in config. If not - check origin position and conection, some construction loads cause part to repulse as they are beneath the ground.
  13. I guess it is about unity aproximation of displaying object. In case of The Mighty Kraken it would explode. In case of mode it would fall beneath the surface and disapear. It came from the issue of base (it is docked) root is far from this object (it is docked to docked to docked vessel with meybe more loops) and all positions are counted from celestial body center to root to object, but terrain is displayed from celestial boty reference frame. It is why it overlap (it is why runaway in KSC is efectivly curved against Kerbin being a flat object).
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