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  1. I had IR installed before I got the mod, but I just found out that it was a Realism Overhaul version of IR and I replaced it with IR next. However, when I used IR Next it was like the mod wasn't even installed, the menu didn't show up or anything, no robotics parts added.. I decided to just uninstall anything IR and then the Kerboarm started working with the KAL. Is there a specific version of IR that the Kerboarm requires? nvm, as I was typing this I was loading KSP after reinstalling IR Next, and everything's fixed! It shows up in the IR editor now too, so I guess I just had to use IR
  2. Hi! I installed this mod and its dependencies from Spacedock a bit ago, and I've been following the manual to build a good shuttle for a station I want to slowly build in orbit. It's a really cool mod and did exactly what I needed it for, except for that I can't get the Kerboarm to work for the life of me. I've got the Breaking Ground DLC and tried using the KAL controller, IR menu, IR-1 controller, Servo Controller menu, and finally tried to right click on the joints and adjust them manually, but there's not any controls anywhere. The action group selection for the KAL just says "Axis F
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