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  1. The screenshots have MechJob in them too. If you didn't use any of its extra features, it could have been uninstalled for the challenge.
  2. When I did it, I built 2x modules with antennas (I think 8 each - they weigh quite a lot, 70kg?) but in the end, the extra antenna power wasn't needed - it only extended comms to a little further out of Kerbin's SOI and I was always planning to come back to surface of Kerbin anyway, to achieve max science points. It was a failsafe/backup which was of little value, and not needed. Fortunately, I had attached them to a fuel tank so I was able to make use of the fuel in the modules anyway, just not as much as a fuel-only module. Its worth being familiar with the power/transmission requiremen
  3. How did you control the modules and station, I can't see a controller there? Also....any science? I don't see the Science Jr or Goo!
  4. I used a separate website: https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/ to find the best launch window (time/date) and https://ksp.olex.biz/ to help visualise the angles, but once the values were 'looked up' I manually made a note of them, wound the clock forwards using TimeWarp then estimated the ejection angle to burn at, sometimes using a protractor pressed against the monitor, caveman style. KSP program remained bog standard for this.
  5. Regarding AIO, a handy rule of thumb is that 120mm doesn't really do much benefit, you'll see the benefits (more stable temperature, less severe peaks, because the water has a much bigger heat capacity to absorb the heat/energy when the CPU makes spikes on demand/power) with 240mm and upwards. And if you do use one, install the tubes the right way round! a 2.5GB (or faster) ethernet is only really a benefit when you have 2 or more devices connected using it, and you need to make fast comms over the network to that device, eg if you had a file server or something. As a home user I don't
  6. I think we're more or less in agreement - a CPU benchmark score (of say 28637 vs 14728) will result in a real world performance increase of less than that - around 17-25%. I am hesitant to put a definite figure on it. I think you'd notice a 20% difference. You'd notice the difference if the computer was just rebuilt anyway.
  7. I know, I couldn't find a test which puts 8086K vs 5800X, what with the difference in age of about 2 1/2 years. I don't see how you came to 17% - its not the German, but there's about 3478 figures on that page you linked. Its main thrust is comparing a bunch of Ryzen processors to 10th gen (not 8th gen) Intel CPUs? What is a "theoretical benchmark"? A benchmark is the numbers from some or other real-world test. Whether that test is relevant to your use case, is what's important. For example, if you found a test of eg CS:GO at 1080p with a 2070 video card, and wanted to know how the
  8. I think you'll see a good improvement moving from the 8086K to a Ryzen 5800X. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-i7-8086K-vs-AMD-Ryzen-7-5800X/3279vs3869 Frequency is really only one of a number of factors, don't worry too much about one vs another. Look towards real-world independent benchmarks instead. Agree that PCIe gen 4 won't really give a real-world performance improvement over gen 3 so don't let it skew your motherboard choice etc. Definitely stick with the 2070 for now, if you want to keep the old PC working (not sure if that CPU has integrated graphics?) then a
  9. Mun is tidally locked but Minmus isn't, that's the main reason.
  10. PLEASE read the Wikipedia page on the rocket equation, or something like that, to learn why this isn't the case.
  11. The NVidia 3070 and 3080 are a decent upgrade on previous models, if you could actually buy them at anywhere near MSP - but since you can't, its somewhat irrelevant. The 3060 seems not to have done so well in reviews and is only a bit better than a 2060. So at its MSP price point, its a bit marginal. I built a PC back in September and I had planned to buy a "stopgap" secondhand graphics card to tide me over, then go for the 3060 or 3070 around the start of the year - but with the way the market's gone, I'm sticking with my 2060 for the meantime. In reality, I made a bit of a booboo and bo
  12. Ironically, it won't have much of a difference anyway because AMD can't physically increase their production that much - these things are apparently very complicated to make and its not just a case of making more of them. And Intel does a lot of trade with the system integrators and big companies like Lenovo, Dell, HP etc already, who want a consistent supply of CPUs. So its market share is quite steady. Even then, the 'ultimate performance' of a CPU only really shows an effect in limited areas of the market - gaming and content generation/editing. The vast majority of home/office PCs are
  13. Just seen a 11900K review....didn't go too well for it:
  14. Lost comms and can't see it due to fog, would easily be solved by not flying it in the fog. It seemed a weird move to go ahead in that weather. For example, if it had nailed the landing, there would be little or no footage to bolster confidence in the public eye. And if it had done something else unusual, less data to figure out what happened. "Engines didn't relight" is handy to know at this stage but it would be interesting WHY they didn't relight, and the route to solve that issue/those issues.
  15. You're using mods? I've found that yes, in theory, you can build a "big"* ship which reaches LKO, then the main burn to do the leaving of the Kerbin orbit and any deep space manoeuvres is a very low TWR. But in practice, you want a bit more of a TWR 1) so the "leaving Kerbin orbit" burn CAN be done more/less at the Pe, in 2 or 3 orbits at the most, with decent control on the direction and 2) so the deep space burns aren't 20+ mins, simply for sanity/boredom purposes. Playing entirely stock, I've found the ideal engine is always selectable - although I might select the wrong one then
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