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  1. Another sideways docking done: And another: Trip home. With extra fuel in the modules, we use it wisely to reduce the re-entry to a gentle one: Safely re-entered and on chutes: A nice science haul: "Electrics" upgrade done. This means we can relax a little bit on "earning" science and do some development work. So.....we will use the remaining Minmus science to gain experience in manned (Kerbal'd) flight. Bill is the first Kerbal to do a trip to another body and is excited: He hasn't noticed there is no chute or heatshield.......but I
  2. Its probably a good addition for some circumstances but KSP has always focused on manually flying something. Its part of its charm, and also part of the departure from realism. Regarding your specific example with chutes, AIUI its more/less how they work anyway - once "armed" they don't immediately deploy, but have autonomous (relatively) simple logic: at above xxxx pressure and if speed is below yyyy, semi-deploy; at zzzz altitude, fully deploy. Thus, they will work on their own. BUT the craft needs to be in "physics range". I have successfully armed chutes, then split a craft and the d
  3. Miniaturisation upgrade done. It also includes the "EVA Experiments Kit". Every little helps: Ouch! They're expensive!!! Vehicle designed, launched (flies quite well...), made it to Minmus no worries: I realised I had a bunch of excess fuel, so a redesign with 2x of each science instrument can do 2x biomes per trip: After 5 biomes of data, I have enough to do the next upgrade, so they'll need retrieving and returning. So...: Vaguely similar orbits. Note, I have gone for an eccentric one, sweeping down to below the "near space" line of 30km alti
  4. 1% of the population are bat-&*!% crazy. 0.1% of the population are in the top 0.1% of weath. He has ~80,000 customers.
  5. Not so fast.......I think its possibly a brilliant idea. Why? Because the long term future people who might want to go to Mars, are similarly visionary and ultra-wealthy too. Normal people don't "get" this, how can they? What makes you dream? Why can't you achieve the dream? Is is money holding you back? What if you have money, and all that you dreamed of when you were young, you have now achieved? Do you retire? Or dream bigger? Ultimately, that route is a "commodity" provision, like wheat; or milk. There's people making millions off of that, because they are good at it and hav
  6. If you are doing it during ascent, then decouple a front tank then pitch down, wait a few seconds and burn again. If you are doing in during orbiting, then turning retrograde makes sense and you get the little bit of energy from the decouple too. Basically, fire it in any direction EXCEPT the one you're about to fly towards!
  7. Indeed, they are entirely calculable, and intuitive to do. I may look at the mod at a later date, thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Lower, for 2 reasons: Oberth effect, and also a shorter orbital period means you can choose the time to burn/which orbit to burn (which is handy if you timewarp and oops go past...) without the target having moved along as much. There is a technique to do a series of multiple burns. Of course, the last burn is the one you "shoot for the target" from, so you need to have made an allowance and the burn before, needs to take into account both 1) the extra time for this previous orbit and 2) that the previous orbit is itself, a bit elliptical, being 'half way there' or whatever, takes a long
  9. Strangely, the key to progress has been unlocking and gaining access to the T400 fuel tank. The lower part count means I'm not squeezed on science kit or batteries. So, yet another design iteration means I've optimised it for transmitting data. Minmus' performance requirement is ironically less then Mun (due to its slower de-orbit-to-land speed) so I went there first: Minmus Great Flats: Poles: Highlands: Slopes: Then a Mun-specific tweak (less aerials, more fuel); Mun Twin Craters: Mun NW Crater: I need one more successfu
  10. Its an interesting thought - whether you can influence a commercial company to alter its methodology in a fairly detailed aspect of their core work - by petition. I am sure companies do listen to feedback and have "customer satisfaction" fairly high up the agenda, but for things like this they would need persuading quite a lot; or quite a lot of customers to raise concerns - to change tack. Good luck though.
  11. Pragmatically, you could do it with something other than a rocket, eg a paddle wheel or propeller. At 95 bar, the viscosity of Venus' atmosphere it going to be like a thick mud, so blasting a rocket to high speed seems terribly inefficient.
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