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  1. Mods just corrupted the save, I'm going to have to drop out. Will be watching though.
  2. sparrow 2 entered space at 9 minutes, sparrow 3 entered orbit at 15 minutes, minnow 1 landed on gilly at day 2, hour 2 (approximately)
  3. https://imgur.com/a/eT5jtJA 2 days of work, first gilly landing. did sparrow before @AccidentalColonies, but only posted today
  4. i just found an old dev thread for the alien space programs mod, but it ended support on 1.7. I was wondering if this either A. works on 1.8 or above, or B. has a workalike mod in 1.8 or above
  5. i was testing my modset for the space race yesterday. I had stranded 6 kerbals in orbit of the sun. I sent a rescue out and got everyone EVAd to the rescue craft, but then it started. I had everyone in except for jeb and bill, when it started. first, thomlock's portrait appeared next to bill's during the EVA, then when he tried to get in he was transported about a half orbit, and jeb right next to the rescue craft. I tried to get jeb in, but he was always transported a meter away from the hatch. when I finally got everyone into the ship and back home, I realized that i had left my scientist be
  6. banned for having exactly 11,012 posts
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