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  1. Might just not be the game for you, but I would say thats about when it starts. Also, mods can help if it feels too slow, such as the one that adds a storyteller that triggers a raid every day. Helped me figure it out pretty well.
  2. That fission lamppost will absorb much destruction above Narnia. (23)
  3. This looks like it would be a great mod, but my computer cant run the rest of the realism mods. Will there ever be a version scaled down by 10 so you can use stock parts? Thanks, not pushing though.
  4. Miscommunication causes it to become a space mission I build a munbase
  5. https://imgur.com/a/MT6C4ek Added a monolith to explain why they started getting space technology so quick
  6. The last thing I Googled excluding "ksp forums" is "pokemon 494". The zombies don't stand a chance against victini.
  7. Granted. You finish it off with a missile. I wish they hadn't stopped the apollo program.
  8. My name was something I randomly chose after I tried a few others that were already taken. My picture is a screenshot of the homeworld from some planet pack, I forget which one. Later in that flight the ship glitched out and exploded, causing me to make the account to report it
  9. Granted, kerbiloid doesn't exist. It turns out that they will save the world someday. I wish KSP development hadn't stopped.
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