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  1. it is so much different. you can make such better pictures with freecam, FOV, filters and tilt and such things. i would play ksp allot more if it had a good photomode because i am a guy that loves to take pics in games if it has photomode. so maybe concider adding this in a later update after release if it isn't planned yet
  2. got a question and some feedback will there be a way to turn down the glowyness of stuff (like change the bloom) because i like the first pic for how it looks | but here it feels like i am looking through a glass or something cause of the glowyness/shinyness
  3. WHHAAAAA the release is 1 day before my birthday BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!!!
  4. so lets asume tha a kerbal is 0,75mx0,3mx0,3m that is about 0.0675 m3 jool is about 6000000meters in radius so that is 904 607 999 999 999 900 000 m3 so we divide that then we get 1.34016e+22 and that means 13401600000000000000000 so that is 13 sextillion 401 quintillion 600 quadrillion kerbals now you know how much kerbals fit in jool
  5. oh wow thats just beautiful we even got the volumetric clouds great job guys
  6. WAAAAAAH my favorite and most used engine is getting a V.2 WAHHAHHAHHHAAAAAAAAAA (i have no idea why my text is black around it)
  7. early 2023 is Q1 but expect it to be Q1 or Q2 or maybe even later
  8. I dont mind waiting a bit longer for such a cool game dont be afraid to delay it even further if needed we dont want an unfinished game i wish you guys much luck for finishing the game before release
  9. This is my first KSP cinematic video and I'm very proud of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr2qYaE-z0Q
  10. looks beautiful cant wait for the release and why are the outlines blue tho?
  11. I just installed beyond home and all the mods around it and i have a problem with the visuals of the 1.9 version of beyond home but i think the problem lies within parallax, I have searched 6 hours straight now and cant find anything. The ground is all white. Does anyone know what can fix this because im losing my mind and kinda giving up.
  12. I have a problem with the visuals, I have searched for hours and cant find anything. The ground is white when i get close does anyone know what can fix this.
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