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  1. the atmosphere of each planet is rainbow. im told i need configs but when i ask what configs i need i get no answer. i have RSS installed along with RO and it works fine, i have eve and it works fine, but the atmospheres are rainbow and the sky at the ksc is this excrementsty blue that looks horrible
  2. ive just started rss/ro on 1.3.1 since its %100 better than 1.8.1 or 1.10 and was wondering if anyone knew about an SLS mod for 1.3.1 that is NOT sstu
  3. no, i meant the custom solar wing, that thing was insane and i was wondering if a craft file was floating around somewhere. i have both dlc's
  4. they finally fixed it!!! im so happy. that glitch has cause my saves to actually fry.
  5. thank you guys, i will check out OPM and JNSQ.
  6. for quite some time ive been looking for a planet mod that adds saturn into the stock system, without using KSRSS or RSS or RO or anything that just makes it the real solar system. i just want to find a mod that adds saturn and titan into the stock system. please let me know if there is.
  7. im doing it on 1.10.1, and it should work since i have many, many mods that are 1.7, 1.6 and below. barely gives me what i need for the Orion itself
  8. i cant run my game on rss/ro. it gets almost finished loading, and then it says 'verifying expansion making history'. i know this was caused by fasa bc tested my mods 1 by 1 until i got to fasa and the game wont run. please fix
  9. if i use this on 1.8.1, the S-II, S-IVB, LEM and CSM only have oxidizer and the rover will not fold up. if i use on 1.10.1, if freezes on the subsat, so i delete that, load the game and then the CM's main and drogue chutes are gone and the rover wont fold up. please do something about this
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