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  1. As well remember to link to your post submission if you did get mentioned I need to wait until I get home to put the link
  2. Are you talking about the time warp mod if so it is allowed because it doesn't effect your craft and doesn't add parts The person hosting the challenge can clarify this but I don't think its allowed but right now he is really busy with life so it might be awhile
  3. So what percent is the next chapter but still no rush just wondering when it could be released
  4. Nice I don't really have a twitter account I'll will check the twitter when I get home
  5. As well you can test out your craft using my craft submission use the Mk2 tho mk1 is an early prototype
  6. No that is copying but the person hosting this can clarify and welcome to the forums
  7. It is fine I have a probe core a bit exposed but I have wings clipped in so its fine
  8. Hmm I sense this that this group of people might be involved in a cult or a different country can't wait to see what pans out
  9. One of my attempts crashed into Didymos
  10. Good first post, @mackyboy1983 and ambitious and welcome to the forums
  11. And here is my submission
  12. I am wondering I play on mac (I know I know) but my computer has the apple M1 chip and around 8gb of ram will it run on my mac without lagging my game or hasn't this been tested.
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