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  1. Can't wait for the rocketlab parts
  2. The mod is still being developed so things won't be the same and can be changed by the mod author
  3. Refuel at Ike as its gravity is lighted and you don't have to worry about any atmosphere getting in the way
  4. Same here bro I am in the middle of a Jool 5 and I still want to land on every planet in stock
  5. Why... why but on the other hand me have done nothing just thinking designs for motherships and plan to hit what moons first of Jool for K.I.V Jool 2 go to first.
  6. I think majority of ksp players will agree with this me included. Play it for a long time.
  7. Thats good but spacedust is recommend to make it easier to harvest gravlioum from planetes gravity fields. But you play to your choice
  8. Do you have flying saucers? and is wildblue stuff installed correctly?
  9. Yes we are still here waiting and being patient as we want a goo.. I meant Great game to be released
  10. @Nate SimpsonLike everybody says take your time. But will we still get a few snippets of progress?
  11. Last sunday I started my second attempt at a jool 5
  12. Yes as I can say most but all the people that play ksp want a game that is great
  13. Yeah we could expect a feature video to be released and at the end saying when the release date around 2023. But hey a game that is good is a good game plus we might get some more stuff about ksp2
  14. We are all angry that it got pushed but in reality its a good thing as the game will be more polished. For NMS scenario is not likely as NMS should of delayed, But that scenario is far away like it shows us the devs are having problems and coming out and saying that we need more time finish/fixing stuff which most people should be happy about as the devs want the game to be good or having problems with the next feature episode which could give us when the think to release. I am trying not to be rude but I want say something positive about the delay.
  15. I don't think they will add N-Body but we can always wait for mods (I didn't read huge text) As well hardware is a thing back then games were way simple but there is now complex code and other things that require a lot of computing power like graphics and other stuff. But not to disagree with you I think it adds challenge but the devs want to get it released and don't want to delay it as its already been too long. We can always wait for a mod that adds N-body physics.
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