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  1. The dependecy is animated decouplers I had the same problem and checked dependices and installed animated decouplers and now its works
  2. No he would be screaming in excitement that something finally interesting is happening
  3. Will we get to see Jeb, Bill, Bob, Val in a show and tell one day so we know that the iconic 4 will be coming to give use courage to strap them in [snip]
  4. I am wondering is IR better than Breaking ground robotic parts as I want to use the Kerbolarm without kraken saying hello
  5. Is it me or the kerbals learned to blink but can't wait to fill the engine with kerbals and turn it on. Anyone want grilled kerbal? (Dear god I went dark)
  6. I have the same feeling nobodys writing good KSP fiction. But you should expand on this as this has potential for a bigger story
  7. I really want to try Principia but it would kill my laptop as it only has 8gb of ram
  8. I think so as I have a "VTOL"* craft that can land vertically or land normally on a carrier that uses Carrier accessories *I have done multiple tests on it it gone surprising well but needs a lot more tweaking to make it fully work
  9. Gotta love this mod may I ask as I use a laptop/mac (That has 8gs of ram rip my computer) will there be performance updates like to optimize it so it runs move smoothly? But overall this mod is very good. Wait I love not reading the impact is minimal
  10. After a long wait I am starting small chapter just traveling as I have been very busy with school but I might be able to start working on it again
  11. When it becomes avaible for preorder or releases I am getting it no matter the reviews say
  12. Oh hey I found this Its updated to the recent KSP version will you check it out if its compatible? (I am guessing most likely but might do some testing to see if it works) if it works maybe make it as the new dependency
  13. Or even a action group on a radar part that gets jammed
  14. Oh when I saw hope we don't get jammed I throught it was spaceballs haven't seen it fully but I heard its funny
  15. I was testing a vehicle to put a telescope to spot asteriods around dres but the save I was using decided to not load/break
  16. Yeah same here at the end of the day its a game that we all like and waiting for
  17. I want to snag a few asteroids for graviloium mining but I haven't snagged an asteroid before so is there any good guides to help?
  18. I learnt that the hard way when trying to launch a spaceplane for my Jool 5 it had no wings/fairing/piggybacking so it kept flipping then I searched up Dynarsoar as it was a spaceplane concept saw that a booster had larger wings on it did the same thing and it stopped flipping. But for what I did to day was designing a colony ship that can be launched in pieces and assembled in orbit and head to any planet with a pulsed fission engine and attempt to colonize it. (Me have kinda have clue how MKS works but I haven't tried making a self sufficient colony before)
  19. A good tip you see because of aerodynamics you want the center of lift near the center of mass so you don't go flipping around. If you check out my Jool 5 I had plane but I had to launch it with big wings on the booster to contract the other wings(Thank god for old drawings for prototpye things aka dynarsoar booster designs.)
  20. I am happy for you to work on the configs as I have no clue how to write/edit configs and not risking breaking the mod
  21. I think there is but no clue as I haven't gotten to OPM yet
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