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  1. Is there a way to make this work in 1.12.X like it stops loading at strechy SRBs tank cfg and when I delete it it wants me to delete stock parts aswell
  2. I want it to direct to another KSP folder because I am going to install RO and RP-1 but don't want to make my game break so I have a backup just incase.
  3. Just to Clarify I know how to install CKAN but I want to do a hard reinstall aka deleting the old one and reinstalling it. Like removing CKAN
  4. Oh hey I want to fully uninstall CKAN and Fully Reinstall it again but I don't know how. To make this more sense I want CKAN completely uninstalled and I want to reinstall it is there any tutorials on it. As well I am on mac.
  5. I think that will be ReDirect if I am correct or ShadowWorks - Stockalike SLS, Delta IV, and More.
  6. Very well made can't wait to see the next chapter. Like I say always take your time.
  7. So how do I mate the parts aka docking them will they just dock to each other without the use of docking ports?
  8. I am sorry to hear that. Do what is best for your health and focus on other things.
  9. I think there was a glitch from my memory But Update that is to get close as you can without burning up in kerbol
  10. For something to do try and land a kerbal on Kerbol and have a station orbit around kerbol that will take awhile. And I design more stuff and thinking what to do in KSP today
  11. Nice I think I should do ideas on paper I have a lot of ideas for stuff but poor planning can result into bad things happening aka explosions and other stuff
  12. Have you installed the dependencies they are Physic Ranger Extended and Module Manager. Make sure you have them installed and in your game data folder
  13. Welp designing an orbital shipyard and possible launch a crew capsule with struts on board to stop a kraken attack from happening and the engine module to my Interplantery ship K.S.S Jebidiah Kerman I might make a story about the story about K.S.S Jebidiah.
  14. If you saying the ones like soundtrack editor forked then maybe but other music I think that will be fine. Welcome to the forums as well
  15. It will give more points and you can use the helicopter blades as airplane plus is allowed and you can use the DLCs
  16. If it is a plane it wouldn't matter and you get more points or something like that. The F-35B or C is VTOL but its classified as a fighter jet so it would be classified as a plane
  17. Ksp having lag problems but trying do desgin a surface base for mun possibly minmus
  18. I think I can but I have no clue how to install it properly But this is really good and I watch 3 of the youtubers. BeardyPenguin, Carnasa and N9 gaming
  19. Time to install it and put it on some fighter jets and have one of them blow up scientific planes
  20. It would be as I live in New Zealand and I can't get a prize because I did got mentioned but if it is for around the world the shipping times will be annoying
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