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  1. 2 minutes ago, Snark said:

    This is not a bad plan, in this case, since the target orbit is so high.  If you're in an extremely eccentric orbit with an Ap waaaaay up high past Minmus, and a Pe down by Kerbin, then your orbital velocity at that point will be so low that the plane change will be very cheap.  Also cheap at that point to raise your Pe.  And then doing a :retrograde: burn at Pe to drop your Ap will also be cheap, since your Pe is still really high.

    (This would not be a good plan if the target polar orbit was much lower, like a couple thousand km, because then #3 and/or #4 would be more expensive.)


    The alternate approach would be to just launch directly to a polar orbit.  You'd launch just slightly to the west of due north.  (The slight westward bearing is to compensate for Kerbin's rotation.  If you actually launched due north, you'd end up in an orbit that is almost-but-not-quite polar and would need to do plane correction later.)

    It's intresting. And what if we want to make small satellite launch using solar pannels?

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