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  1. Maybe the pre-release versions of KSP? Lol
  2. I can't find these, can anyone link? Sorry if I'm being stupid, and it's obvious, but I've searched for like 20 minutes and can't find lol
  3. So, basically I want to be able to select a suit as stock per a certain type of kerbal. For example, every pilot wears the ESA suit, maybe the scientists will always wear the pale blue suit, the engineers the normal white suit. And from henceforth from selecting this, any new engineers/scientists that I hire would have the suits that I selected that type of kerbal to have. I am aware that Texture Replacer accomplishes this but a stock implementation in the suit picker would be nice. It would also provide some continuity; you could look at a kerbal and instantly know what they are due to their
  4. Parallax Support is coming in version 0.8, Here's some footage: Mars (Reddit Link), Venus (Reddit Link)
  5. Okay, this is amazing; accurate EMU and ACES suits are something I've wanted forever; from the person who makes the best shuttle mod no less; not to mention, having the correct suit in IVA!! One suggestion; if you're in the home planet's atmosphere (Earth/Kerbin) when you EVA you should have the IVA suit instead of EVA suit because you'd probably be recovering/escaping from the craft if you're EVA'ing in the atmosphere (so like if I EVA'd w/ EMU equipped I'd actually come out wearing ACES) Not sure if it's possible but those are my two cents Amazing as always with the rest of y
  6. Considering Kertemis exists, which essentially covers both Orion IVAs + Block 1B/2, I think you should focus on Ares + any part revamps you wish to do that aren't covered by Kertemis. I would ask the author of Kertemis if he'd be willing to just have your mods merged when you start to follow the new 3-download format, as he has already done some impressive things with the Orion capsule.
  7. Why the big panic? As with KSP there will be a procedural wings mod
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