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  1. Your work looks great in this thread. Please don’t let people goad you into deleting your hard work. Then it was all for nothing and you let the bullies win. Block them and move on. I will look forward to whatever you release in the future!
  2. Vovical


    that's a shame, it looked interesting when I saw it in the past.
  3. Vovical


    what happened to this mod??? it keeps dying and coming back up again inexplicably
  4. I am also having this issue. https://imgur.com/a/PNehoKs Will report back if patch works.
  5. Alright this thing is gonna be really cool once it's up and running tho, haven't seen anything like a mass driver in KSP so far
  6. How do I use the railgun? I can't control when it moves and it destroys crafts when it does
  7. Yep, happens to me too at anything beyond 140m above sea level
  8. Yeah I opted to just use KSRSS instead. I prefer the scale of RSS but oh well. May I ask, what is the purpose of LRTR on KSRSS? Since the parts are already balanced for KSRSS/2.5xKSRSS. Is it for RP-1 features?
  9. Is there a way to use the mod without the resized but rather the rebalance, as if playing with Smurff? The part resizing breaks my existing craft files and SMURFF doesn’t work for me
  10. I could never get it to consistently appear, it was seemingly at random. Sorry
  11. Given that this uses the Unity Post Processing package, do you think it'd be possible to implement this mod into KSP2, given it is on Unity? Maybe even being able to use the same .cfg files from the first game?
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