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  1. Consider the amount of people who still play the old doom games.
  2. I think 2 or 3? I've been an early player back when the altimeter couldn't measure altitude from the ground below, and I didn't plan out to land on the bright side, so I had no good measure to know my altitude and ended up crashing as a result.
  3. sounds much easier to have that be the text for when you scan the object with a scanning arm.
  4. I think this will be dealt with the same philosophy as the rest of the game, as in you're supposed to design your ships and buildings accordingly to the environment, so that specialized cooling, pressurization, energy generation is left to the player, so that if something fails it's your fault.
  5. Who knows? They might make a KSC-shaped cake as a KSP2 launch party
  6. This can get pretty cluttered for someone wants to name geographical features a lot, and it shouldn't require crewed vehicles. Sure you can add markers but that's even more cluttered.
  7. There was a discussion like this on the KSP2 section, and like others pointed out, it would inevitably result into a random failure generator and waiting for the right weather. There's a good reason space launches are postponed due to weather. You just don't launch under rain, snow or heavy wind.
  8. Would also be pretty handy for localized versions, some biome names in KSP1 are awfully incorrectly translated
  9. The semi-automation features seem to partially make KSP2 into a city building game, so being able to transport tourists just by assigning them wouldn't seem out of the ordinary. Still, there should be specific tasks when arriving at the destination to fulfiil the contracts
  10. Not really, no. It's generally about the same amount of code to be refactored, the only difference is that the portion of code that you would put into the engine goes into the gamecode instead. In fact it might potentially reduce the amount of refactoring because when you need something so far off the engine's original scope you often times find yourself fighting against the engine creating workarounds that would not be needed if you just patched the engine to the behaviour you want.
  11. I think that depends on how many planets will have liquid lakes and oceans on them. Only 3 planets on KSP1 have them, one of them being the home planet, and so far there none of the new planets announced seem to have it and it's not worth the effort for the moment, creating an entire set of parts suitable for submarines just for a few celestial bodies. Maybe in a post-launch update or DLC, but I don't hope to see it at launch.
  12. So far we have nothing about tourists in KSP2, I hoping there'll be improvement to tourism management to KSP2, such as constructing space hotels to yield greater earnings/attract more contracts and possibly implement minimal stay of a tourist, such that you have to add a bit more challenge rather than just follow technicalities (such as touching the surface of a requested body and take off immediately to fulfill landing requirements)
  13. I was landing an orbiter stage when the craft sunk into the ground, catapulting it's pieces all around Kerbin each over 10% the speed of light. Also it seems the Kraken doesn't like me trying to reach minmus, often times when I'm trying to make a transfer orbit it starts to move around either into a collision course or into a kerbin escape orbit
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