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  1. Thank you very much for the help! I deleted the ModuleManager.ConfigCache, as well as a Custom_FARAeroData.cfg lying around in GameData, reinstalled ModuleManager clean and the problem is solved! :-D
  2. Hello, I have exactly the same problem. All OPT parts no longer have any aerodynamic characteristics. This from version 1.11.1 of the game (and all subsequent versions). In version 1.10.1, parts regain their lift, but shutters and other moving elements still cannot be configured. I mistakenly installed "Ferram Aerospace Research Continued" along with a few other mods ("recommended mods" were enabled under CKAN during an update and it screwed up). I removed "Ferram" but since then the OPT parts no longer work. I completely deleted and reinstalled the three OPT mods, but nothing helped, my ships are no longer good for more than bricks for catapults. Does anyone have a miracle procedure to solve the problem? Thank you very much in advance!
  3. Hello, I'm just allowing myself to come and ask a quick question. Having resumed Kerbal after long months of absence, I discovered the novelties of mods. Concerning the "Rocinante Kerbstein Fusion Drive", it is no longer possible to modify their size with the "TweakScale" mod? While the new "Kerbstein Drive Support Command Adapter" parts can be modified? Is this on purpose or is this a temporary little bug? Mainly using these engines for VERY large ships, thank you in advance for your answer to know if I need to change my way of designing these :-)
  4. KSP: 1.11.1 Windows 64bit Problem: Fatal crash when loading b9partswitch Mods installed: Many Reproduction steps: Hello, I have pretty much the same problem as Nova1 above. I was playing the other day, everything was fine. I just updated a few mods (PatchManager, OPT Reconfig, OPT Legacy, OPT Continues, Near Futur Launch Vehicles) and suddenly when loading the game, it gives me the following error message: B9PartSwitch - Fatal Error B9PartSwitch has encountered a fatal error and KSP needs to close. Fatal exception while loading fields on module ModuleB9PartSwitch on part Exception while loading field subtypes on type B9PartSwitch.ModuleB9PartSwitch Exception while loading fields on subtype PartSubtype D Exception while loading field tankType on type B9PartSwitch.PartSubtype No tank type named 'Deuterium' exists And the game crashes ... I re-downloaded B9PartSwitch directly from github, in case the version accompanying any of the updated mods got corrupted, but that didn't change the problem. Log: Player.log
  5. Hello, I am taking back Kerbal after a long absence. I updated my mods and unfortunately I discovered that the names of some parts from KSPIE have visibly changed (KspiEpstein, ThermalRamjetNozzle, ThermalAntimatterReactor, ...). In doing so, the game can no longer charge the vehicles in question. Except these parts are found on almost all my vehicles, which represents hundreds of hours of creation. I tried to find old versions of the mod, but there are no longer enough old ones available on the sites. How can I get my ships back and not lose everything ? Thanks in advance for your help, and for all the work you do on this mod !
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