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  1. @cyberKerb Unloaded ships do not consume life support. They store it indefinitely. Kerbals have a separate EVA life support resource in their suit, which they consume when on EVA (or when within a ship, if the ship's EVA runs out). And thanks for catching that typo! @Stone Blue Thanks for the feedback! To answer your questions: 1. I agree, EVA propellant is on the edge of this mod's scope. However, it still makes sense to me from a gameplay standpoint to provide a cohesive "survival" experience via limited resources, and from a code perspective, the system that manages it
  2. Oh my gosh, what a simple question that I didn't answer! Yes, when a Kerbal runs out of all available life support, s/he will "die." Depending on your save file's settings, the Kerbal will either respawn eventually or be perma-dead, just like when they're in a crash. Update: user guide has been updated.
  3. v0.1.2 Tested with KSP 1.10.1 Illustrated user guide: https://github.com/moonshot11/SimpleSurvival SimpleSurvival is a Kerbal Space Program mod which adds a simple life support mechanic, with the goal of encouraging a role-playing experience in the following ways: Give purpose to different command modules. (A Mk1 capsule can get to orbit, but can it go to the Mun?) Require the Hitchhiker's module for long journeys. No trips to Eeloo in a Mk1 capsule! Make Engineers more useful. Only they can operate the Converter! Create persistent resources for the Kerbals' EVA sui
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