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  1. FYI, The discord link has expired. Really looking forward to downloading!
  2. Don't know if this has been brought up but I had found this a while ago: Modified launch vehicle /mlv/ saturn v improvement study composite summary report - NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)
  3. The 6x S-1C mount would have four F-1s on the outside (like regular Saturn) but have two F-1s in the middle instead of one (not sure if this is true, but if I remember correctly, it is)
  4. Just wondering, are stretched S-IC and S-II tanks planned? As well as 6x S-IC and 7x S-II engine mounts.
  5. You can use a earlier version when the mk3 parts were with the mk4 parts. (You can look in releases on the GitHub Tundra Exploration page.)
  6. Waiter: Huh, we may have. Customer: Waiter! There is a fish swimming in my soup!
  7. I think it is so far forward because of the other parts, they may weigh more than the engine... if you can just spawn it by itself, it would probably be more centered
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