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  1. Jeez, calm down. Its just an idea and doesn't have to be added. I don't care that much if it is added or not
  2. @FreeThinker I have some ideas to add to KSPIE. Since KSP 2 won’t be out in a while, you could add some stuff that’s going to be in the new game 1. Metallic Hydrogen 2. Orion Nuclear Pulse Drives (I think) 3. Adding Metallic Hydrogen capabilities to some of the engines. Would really appreciate if you added these Thanks!
  3. @dozzzz02 I believe that parts pack is specifically for Realism Overhaul, if that helps separate this pack from the one you were talking about
  4. Gilly, the only moon where if you just do a puff with an Ant, your in orbit
  5. If I were to make a new planets, they would be an orange gas giant named: Regorio, just past Jool; and Poseidon: a purple gas giant, far from Kerbol. Regorio would have a toxic atmosphere with poisonous microbes in the air, as well as a orange ring There would be 6 moons, with one satellite around one: Speck: a tiny orange moon orbiting in Regoro’s ring. Glacio: a cold moon, stripped of its atmosphere, with a sliver left, covered in ice, size of Eeloo. Paradise: a lovely place, full of friendly life. A very kerbinlike moon, heated by geothermal energy, with a moon! Mint: the
  6. I really don’t know what to say, but I said something anyways. Wait, if you said: I really don’t know what to say; you did know what to say.
  7. There is a problem, Restock's J-2 analog. It is switched to hypergolic fuels. Isn't it meant to be LH2 and Ox?
  8. I have an idea for a Phase 3 lander. Lockheed Martin proposed a lander that used Orion parts to make. The crew cabin looks like an Orion capsule and maybe you could make a b9 part switch variant, stock variant, or another part. Here are some pics: The whole capsule could be 2.5 meters in diameter and the top 1.875 meters in diameter, with a .9375 meter diameter attachment point to put the C-100 Androgynous Docking Mechanism This is just an idea and you can change it up a bit, I do not mind. (Edit): The rest of the lander can be 3.75 meters wide with 1.25 mete
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