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  1. Is there a way to make a EVA suit into a part and add an airlock on the suit and kerbal's back?
  2. I had found this screenshot in my folders and was wondering what this object even is, if it even exists. (FYI the installation this screenshot was from is deleted)
  3. Simply right-clicking on a piece of a craft you had been working on and allowing symmetry with varying quantities, would be much better than enabling symmetry, picking up the assembly and replacing it in the same position. Or, instead of a button, like engine plates, it could be a number input or a hybrid of both with the use of the quantity button at the top of the right click menu.
  4. What's the part you used for the grid on the payload in the cargo bay? Nice part choice btw
  5. Does anyone know where I can find a GU map? I know one's around here somewhere and I've seen it before, probably on Imgur...
  6. In the 1960's the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) spied on the Soviets... and then they wanted to spy on the Moon.
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