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  1. That was it. I recently did a re install and guess that was reset to default at that time and I had forgot all about it. Noticed lots of trees right away went up and did a scan and anomolys all over the planet even one in water, sweet. Thanks sooo much.
  2. Hi, Im pretty new to Ksp and recently added Beyond Home. I had a little trouble doing this trying to figure out which version of the dependicies I needed. I thought I had everything correct Beyond Home was part of the game and i had these beautiful new planets to explore. After a scan of my new home world i didnt pick up any anomolys and didnt notice at the time but wasnt seeing any rocks or trees or anything else scattered along on the surface of the planet. I went on with my game and explored Ash, Armstrong and Lua but still no anomolys and by now im noticing that there is nothing on the sur
  3. I think Im getting there. Foxxo posted a similar question a few hours before mine and through that post i think Im getting there. I have the correct version of Kopernicus on now, working on getting the correct version of Paralax and beyond home is downloading now. Hope this works.
  4. Hi, Im pretty new to KSP. I have spent a few hundred hours playing and think im starting to figure some of this stuff out. I have pretty much explored all of the Kerbol system and was interested in trying out some other planets. I have done a fair amount of reading but I am lost as to how to do this. I found Kopernicus in Ckan but it has no box to check to add it to the game, same with the Beyond Home mod. I went to the forum page for Kopernicus and downloaded the latest version and added it to my game but when I started the game I got a message that it wasnt compatable with my game version (i
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