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  1. Looking stunning in orbit! Great configs as usual
  2. Definitely! Tried out the power tower and it's going to be a complex challenge to overcome, but I'll give it my best go. Thanks for your interest in this, your a really big inspiration
  3. I'm baaaaaaack... Sorry for such a long gap between the last post, I've been really busy with school and just haven't felt very motivated. But I'm back! And I hope to release the next mission in a few days
  4. Does the Saturn revamp include the titan texture clean up or should i use the master branch? Thanks
  5. Heyo! How's this project going, would love to see this as it would be perfect for a new thread I'm thinking of starting
  6. Not quite sure, all I could find about the payload was that it was a 'reconnaissance payload' and so I just decided to put a Lacrosse-1 in there.
  7. STS-62-A: Launch From Vandenburg STS-62-A was a planned shuttle mission to deliver a reconnaissance satellite into a polar orbit, this would be a first for the space shuttle. It was expected to use Space Shuttle Discovery and would be the first crewed launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. It was to launch from SLC-6 (The Delta IV pad) and land on Runway 12 in Vandenberg. Here you can see the Shuttle Assembly Building (foreground) and the Mobile Service Tower (background). The mission would have launched on the 15th July 1986 and had a crew of 7. Here you can see Discovery flying over Baja California, aiming to place itself in a 57° orbit. I hope you have enjoyed
  8. STS-26 17 September 1986: Expedition 3 and SAW Space Shuttle Endurance sits on pad 39A during the early hours of September 17th, only 12 days after Expedition 2 arrived back at Kennedy Space Center The sun has just come up. The wind speed is low the temperatures are currently quite mild. Hopefully it will warm up in the next few hours. Technicians are finishing up final preps in the crew compartment and in the white room for the crew's arrival. Expedition 3 will carry the first set of solar array wings (SAW) to the station to be temporarily installed on the Z1 Truss. Just one of these large solar arrays is capable of producing nearly 31 Kilowatts of power to Liberty. "We have lift-off!" (I think this one above is so cool, you cannot tell me it doesn't look just like this real launch of endeavour!) The crew rendezvous with Liberty on the 19th. Final approach is made to PMA-2. Docking is confirmed at 1:33PM EST. Canadrone grabs onto the SAW's grapple fixture. It was berthed to the Z1 truss a little over 25 minutes later. An EVA is performed to make sure deployment of the wings goes as planned. The external storage pods were also used on this EVA to grab a screwdriver to tighten a loose screw on the Z1 antenna mount. All went smoothly and the EVA members returned to the Shuttle before the crew-of-five entered the station for the next few months. I hope you have enjoyed.
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