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  1. I noticed an issue, the srb's don't seem to have a plume? Not sure if its something to do with this mod or another but just wanted to bring it up
  2. These parts look truly stunning, and I've only done the launch! I'll post pictures of the orion meet-up and landing at some point, this is just too good
  3. Incredible! Will be posting some screenshots if you're ok with it
  4. Alright so redesigning Kratos for upcoming launches has had its...issues Having such a large hydrolox first stage like the proton doesn't work very well so it can't even get to orbit So should I either make a more Ariane 5/6 style launcher with SRBs and only one or two core engines OR Soyuz style launcher with tapering first stage + SRBs I will put a poll up
  5. Love the mission! Thought I might add, it would be cool if one of the shuttles had something separating it from the rest like discovery's teardrop
  6. Hey Ik its probably a pain to all those waiting, but I've got my school exams coming up and for the next month I've got to study everyday so I don't have much time to do things. BUT after that I have a free 6 weeks where I'm gonna get all the missions out of the way
  7. Is it just me who thinks this lander is really ugly (Not your recreation, that looks great lol)
  8. These all sound amazing! I don't really know if it's possible but seeing ripples on the ocean from tides would be really cool
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