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  1. I'm excited to push this game to its graphical limits!
  2. Custom Mission Patch by me! STS-114-B - January 8th, 2005 As 2005 begins, NASA is preparing for a busy year. Numerous modifications have been made in an effort to place the construction of the International Space Station back on schedule, and increase overall flight cadence of the Space Shuttle. These modifications include: In November 2003, President George W. Bush announced that the Space Shuttle Program would be extended, with retirement no earlier than 2015. A year-long Orbiter Major Modification Period of Space Shuttle Columbia; reducing the weight of the orbiter significantly, adding an external airlock and additional safety modifications. This would allow her for the first time to visit the International Space Station and aid in it's construction. An increase of NASA's budget to 0.91% of the federal budget, opposed to the 0.66% of the previous year. Increase flight cadence to 12 launches per year, around two times the current cadence. STS-114-B would be the the return to flight of Columbia after her modifications the previous year. The payload of this mission consists of a SpaceHab module, an experiment rack and two brand new Manned Manoeuvring Units (MMUs) The MMUs were retired in 1984 due to safety concerns after the Challenger disaster but due to the increase in budget, the Johnson Space Center was given the task of redesigning the MMU's to be safer and more reliable for use on the ISS around Late 2005/Early 2006. Upgrades included remote control capability in the event that the astronaut was unconscious, backup thrusters in the event of main thruster malfunction and an attachable berthing structure for transporting payloads. Testing these new MMUs would be the main objective of STS-114-B. The crew consisted of Commander Chris Hadfield, Pilot Eileen Collins, and mission specialists Mike Massimino, Catherine Coleman, Clayton Anderson, Scott Altman and Leland D. Melvin. The mission launched at 1:15pm from Kennedy Space Center. Launch: Columbia reaches an orbit of 287km (178m) by 295km (183m). After 14 hours in orbit, Catherine Coleman and Clayton Anderson perform an EVA, transitioning to their MMUs located in the aft of the payload bay. This EVA will mark their first use in over 20 years. Anderson is the first to move away from the Shuttle, taking pictures of the Spacecraft and Earth below him using the IMAX camera mounted to his MMU. The MMU allows Anderson to fly underneath the Shuttle and inspect the heatshield for missing tiles or other damage which may affect the mission. This would be the last task completed before Coleman joins him in their untethered spacewalk. Coleman's MMU differs slightly from Anderson's, featuring an attachable berthing structure to be used for transporting payloads and experiments on the ISS. # Coleman photographed by Anderson. As a nod to Bruce McCandless' famous photo from STS-41-B, both astronauts posed for their stellar picture. A small satellite is released which will gather data on X-Rays in high inclination orbits before being captured by an MMU on a later mission to be returned to Earth. A final image is taken before the crew return to the Shuttle, where they will remain on orbit for the next 2 days, performing experiments in spacehab and on the experiment rack. Columbia landed at Kennedy Space Center on January 11th at 7:38pm after 3 days in orbit. The orbiter will fly another mission in late May to further test the MMUs before its first visit to the ISS in August.
  3. Release V.02 Reduced Chromatic Abberation on Transmission Increased exposure on Lemon
  4. Jacktical's TUFX Profiles These are my first set of custom TUFX configs which I hope you will enjoy using! Included in this pack is 3 TUFX Profiles: Atlantis - A vibrant config optimised for Earth Orbit. (Name credit goes to @Sanchez_1) Lemon - A warmer config for all-environment use, inspired by @lemon cup Transmission - A config created to replicate realistic lunar photography seen on the Apollo missions. TUFX Profiles Feel free to post images in this thread using these configs, I can’t wait to see what you create with them! Some more images:
  5. This is gonna be so useful An option for changing what side the wheels are on would be nice for the ariane 5 pad as we could make accurate replicas
  6. IIRC it was going to launch from SLS's mobile launch platform, crazy stuff!
  7. Red-Orb 1 - 2 February 2024 Mission by @Maria Sirona Reb-Orb 1 is a trio of satellites built by Orbital Orb intended as a purpose-built relay network for landers on the surface of mars. Each satellite is placed in a 30° geosynchronous orbit 120° apart from each other. These satellites aim to enable constant coverage for all operational landers currently on the red planet. The powerful antennas also allow higher data transfers to Earth, maximising the amount of science possible for each mission. Compared to the current Mars relay network, Red Orb-1 is much simpler in design and easier to operate. Red Orb-1 totalled a mission cost of $622.1 million and launched 2 February 2024 at 1:41 UTC from ELA-3 in Kourou, French Guiana. Launch: Mars Arrival: Kinetic Orbital Bombardment Systems mission coming soon!
  8. Hey all, given that its been a while and that the design of Kratos has changed vastly, I've decided to create a new thread which is more refined than this one. Don't go thinking that the concept or idea has changed! This is simply a move so I can get things more on track and in a way that is more refined and well crafted than before Here's a link
  9. Kratos "Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do anything" -Tim Peake, Astronaut In 1988, ESA devised a plan to completely rebrand the agency, with the hopes of taking the agency from a less known counterpart of NASA, to a mighty force of equal status and prestige. 3 goals were set in place to guide the project: 1. Completely rebrand the agency, placing public involvement, promotion of upcoming missions, and science at the forefront of the agency. Redesign branding to be more contemporary in order to communicate the new modern and futuristic mindset of ESA. The main changes include the Kratos logo itself, and a focus on primarily white and blue. 2. Design a simpler, more cost effective and efficient launch vehicle to replace the aging the design of the Ariane 3, now slated for retirement in early 1992. Alongside this, design a new pad and other necessary launch infrastructure to streamline production. The newest ESA member Iceland will create a production and launch site in the area of Hóll in North East Iceland for high inclination orbits and increased launch cadence (Location seen below). The UK will provide a optional third stage named Loki for high energy missions. 3. Awaken the curiosity and excitement of the European people about space much like the Apollo program, and create a passion around space exploration to inspire new generations. In order to reflect the new mindset and aspirations of ESA, a new motto has been created. Dream Great Things. Full Details on launcher and booking below: Mission List:
  10. Hey! I've been playing around with this and it seems really interesting, I was wondering if there was a way to change the colour of the orbit lines?
  11. Yeah I've tried these things, I guess I'll just keep trying to find a fix for it, thanks anyway
  12. Sorry for any confusion, by changing the max thrust I mean I'm going into the actual .cfg file and changing the max thrust (as you can see highlighted here)
  13. I don't know if its an issue with this mod but I'm trying to change the maxthrust of the zebulon engine and it isn't working?
  14. I'm not entirely sure how to install it lol Don't worry I figured it out lol
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