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  1. Red Dwarf refers to the \'Big Splat\' Hypothesis. It is that there was once two moons that slowly collided, which is why explains the existence of the high plains on the far side of the moon. http://www.skyandtelescope.com/news/126785643.html
  2. YES YES YES YES YES. This is something I have been dreaming of, but did not have the knowledge to pull off. Do you think you could make another scenario where it will impact in T+ 1 year?
  3. huh. Never thought of that before. It is quite - interesting.
  4. Getting to the moon tip: I am assuming that you are orbiting in an eastward direction. Perform your TLI as soon as the Mun comes over the horizion, and put your apogee at around the Mun\'s orbit.
  5. I feel like everyone is missing the part where I said and an SAS/ASAS module
  6. I have had some parts disappear with a perigee of 4km though. I think there must be a magic number of minimum perapsis.
  7. I was able to do it with 4 but with the added weight of the SAS 3 is not enough.
  8. The Kerbistan legislature has recently informed you that they will be cutting your budget for the next fiscal year. This will mean that you can no longer keep the larger LV-T30 or LV-T45, leaving you with only the LV-909 as your sole liquid engine. However, they still expect you to get kerbals into orbit and keep other kerbals employed. Using only the small LV-909 engines get a command capsule and SAS/ASAS module into orbit using the fewest number of engines, and safety return your kerbanauts. You may only use stock parts. Right now my personal best is 5 engines (hope that doesn\'t give away too much)
  9. So the problem is not actually building the rocket. It ends up being a game mechanic issue. Either there is a limit on the amount of thrust that can be produced by any RCS system or a limit on the total number of engine which can be producing thrust at any given time. The animations work for all engines, however. I have successfully used RCS as supplementary to other propulsion, and managed to get a command pod (minus parachute) and ASAS into orbit with just four fuel tanks and 2 gimbaling engines. I thought about posting this as a new challenge since RCS only is impossible.
  10. I would just wait 3 quarters of an orbit until I am pointing opposite of my velocity vector. That is when the burn is most effective. Which should be legal according to your rules so it is not much different than a regular de-orbit in that sense.
  11. Does the SAS keep you actually keep you pointed towards the center? I would expect that half an orbit later you would be pointing straight up. Also, I feel like a perigee below 70 km is full success because your kerbanauts still get home, but have a much more pleasantry entry as well.
  12. I\'m making progress. Expect it soon.
  13. Not sure how to say this politely, but if you want to work for NASA strong English skills are a good start. I am assuming that English is your first language and that you are old enough to know better. [source: Have worked for NASA]
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