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  1. is there a petal fairing in the updated version, im not seeing one also the one tapered tank, i don't see an updated one of that either (found it, the different texture threw me off)
  2. @linuxgurugamer seeing as the size for the other Apollo and Saturn parts has changed im guessing the casual has too
  3. Also the new Apollo casuals no longer work with comfortable landing. When i right click on it during re-entry there is no longer an "activate pre -landing mode" option. Im not sure if this is something you need to do on your rend, or something on their end so if its on their end let me know and i can the dev of the mod
  4. 1. yup, that works, thought it took a few try's, i guess its just finicky 2. 4.375 is way to big and 3.750 (the next step up form 3.125) is also too big, 3.550 Is where it needs to be 3. the engine mount at 3.350 fixes this
  5. edit that fixed some of the issues there are a still a few seen here https://imgur.com/a/3nt1LL4 1. LEM shield does not mate flush with bottom of csm 2. S-IVB Engine mount is smaller then bottom of tank 3. S-II to S-IVB inter stage does not mate flush bottom of S-IVB
  6. not sure if these have already been reported but I'm getting several issues with the new Saturn v parts https://imgur.com/a/qLfE4TZ
  7. *ignore, this, accidentally commented on the wrong forum, and i see no delete comment option so*
  8. do you have any plans to add the Saturn V rolling service structure and if not would it something you would consider?
  9. Is there a way to set the ap/pe (to something other then 80km it is by default) of an orbit when launching something using the set orbit and if so how?
  10. Hey, any chance you could add a variant of the road sections without the trenches and pipes on the side?
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