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  1. the gamin, buoy isnt showing up in the pats list, and yes i have the revamp mod in the game data folder
  2. any chance you could update the Vessel Viewer plug-in? - (optional) Vessel Viewer >= v0.71 ( )
  3. how do i launch from the other pads? (the ones added with this)
  4. tell them to hurry up and update, i just started playing and im waiting on this mod
  5. oh right, i should have figured that out
  6. *see links for video clip of the problem i'm having* https://imgur.com/a/6Ps2jda https://imgur.com/a/K573DxI
  7. i ask cause when i was trying it out they would touch the ground but the rocket would still hit the ground
  8. also do the landing legs (the falcon ones in particular) lock into place when deployed, and if so how? i cant figure it out, If not can you add that in the next updated?
  9. yeah i figured that out after i posted that
  10. eta on the next update? I just got ksp and am really excited to use this but its for an older version (space dock says its outdated).
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