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  1. I am so confused after reading all this. does anyone have a complete patch that allows you to add Methane, like in Near Future? EDIT: nvm, I found this:
  2. Suggestion: Low profile 2.5m docking port? making stations look seamless is really hard with the stock version...
  3. Part Idea to go with the new Structural fusalage things what if you had a part that opened up on the side like this but was still flush to the fuselage? like a cargo bay that opened up on the side.
  4. Oh, My bad, Thanks! are there any debuffs from the config?
  5. I can't seem to get the Banshee fans to gimbal at all?
  6. is this still everything you need to whitelist in restock? also, any known fix to the depriciated textures? P.S. do you have a similar list for mk3 expansion?
  7. i don't know how to make it duplicate without first undoing the original patch and then re-doing the patch in a modified manner, because you literally have to change the "@" to a "+" and add a name argument
  8. they are modifacations of the configs, not new files...
  9. I use CKAN and have edited configs to duplicate certain parts as opposed to replacing them. How can I update without screwing this up?
  10. are the 1.25m intakes canidates for being restocked? everyone I ask says that the mismatch drives them insane. I understand you have a life and several other mods to maintain, and that you have said before that intakes were "out of scope," but this is among the things that I personally believe desperately need attention.
  11. I have noticed that. However i tend to lock the pug's tanks to use as emergency dV for if i fall a bit short, and that extra dV is not included in my calculations. i actually am working on sending a rescue mission to a ship that i didn't do that for
  12. Can you still build ships if the productivity factor is 0? and is it possible to build something without any kerbals? like just a probe core?
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