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  1. I never experienced a bug like that. I will try my best to take a look at your logfile. If you experience the same bug again, feel free to post it and maybe additional information can help to track it down. From your logs it seems like you are using version 2.8.1 of waypoint manager (at least its writing logs with that version). A newer version is available here or on CKAN. I don´t know if that already fixes the bug but it could be worth a try.
  2. @flart I just released a patch for low performance here: LowPerformancePatchGapForJNSQ. I also added it to the notes on top. Feel free to test it out and report back if you run on any bugs with it.
  3. sure, i can make a modified version of these contracts. But it will take some time since CP2077 is stealing quite a lot of my free-time.
  4. Thanks for notifying me. I am not sure if i can fix that looks more like a bug / unclear documentation of ContractConfigurator itself. But i put it up as an issue in Github and will look into it .
  5. Patch 11/30/20 GAP for JNSQ 1.0.4 -added missing logos for SSI aerospace -clarified some mission goals in the milestones Thanks @flart for reporting this.
  6. Thank you for notifying me of the missing logo. I can alter the description in the mission goals if that helps. From "Spaceplane Hangar Air Terminal" to "KSC Spaceplane Hangar Air Terminal" ? The description should allready be clear enough that you need to return to KSC. Landing sites for this mission are KSC Runway or KSC SPH only, but since the other Kerbal Konstruct build bases have Runway bioms themself, you can complete some of the missions there too. ( Island Airfield doesnt have a Runway biom) I might redo the milestones missions with direct waypoints in the future . (
  7. Patch 11/26/20 GAP for JNSQ - .ver fix for CKAN - updated readme This patch is only minor and doesnt change any contracts.
  8. Contract Pack: GAP for JNSQ - a missionpack with milestones, airline and rescue missions. This mod is aimed for use with JNSQ and Kerbal Konstructs only. If you play without a planet pack, you should look at the original GAP mod instead. Main Features: Milestones to complete and to unlock all the other missions. Airline flights to different Airports on Kerbin Coastguard Missions Air Freight Missions Autoloading Passengers Communications Depe
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