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  1. You were right, I was landing to fast. I also added some elevators to the tail to control the pitch better. And I found out that I could use the ailerons as flaps. That helped a lot. I'm beginning to think the rest is practice. I've made a video of one (unsuccessful) attempt, maybe it's good for a laugh.
  2. Hi, I'm a rather seasoned player with 400+ hours under my belt but so far I've only ever build rockets. In my new save I wanted to try out planes. So I dusted of my old joystick and started a career save. This is my first plane. It's not very good but it actually flies and I can control it pretty well. I just can't seem to get it to land. It explodes on touchdown. I have no idea why. I've attached some screenshots and I'd be happy to provide a .craft file if anyone wants to try it. Gallery
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