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  1. Post all your tibutes to the courageaous SN11.
  2. Yes, this 3 rocket are incredible.
  3. Nop @Gâteaux aux carottes et aux noix
  4. Pour moi, c'est Ariane 4. All types of rockets is valables.
  5. Je ne sais pas trop. Peut etre, soit vous habitez en france, soit vous avez des origines... Ca fait bizarre de pouvoir parler francais sur ce forum, non?
  6. The Florida....mother of the Saturn 5.....
  7. Your avatar is a future wreck.
  8. I have problem of stability with the Ariane 5.
  9. @SlowSpoke if you take sample in the sea with a kerbal in EVA, you take a water sample.
  10. For Layte, principaly. And the others planet with seas.
  11. How have you make the cable? KAS?
  12. Welcome on the best forum ever!
  13. In my new video, i have land on the Mun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRNVIhSXAYg
  14. I have put my first asteroid in high kerbin orbit.
  15. Je ne me souviens pas, mais après la 1.11, beaucoup de gens disent cela, pas nécessairement dans un fil séparé. Dans the discussion post of "Some reassembly required" for exemple. After 1.11 release, lot of people are say that not necessarily in a separate thread. In the chat thread, for exemple. oh, I'm sorry, I have do a little error.... Why I can't edit?
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