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  1. Banned for circumnavigating Moho
  2. Banned for showing me that beautiful duck.
  3. Back in my sophomore year of High School I decided to take Astronomy because I thought "I really love things that pertain to space, so this class will be awesome" boy what a mistake that was. Well during the first week of class we had a small "pre-quiz" to test our astronomy knowledge, and one of the questions was and I .... you not "How many stars are in the solar system?" at first I was like "How can the teacher think we're this stupid", but to make matters even worse the majority of the class answered something like 1,000,000. and the teacher played it off like this kind of thing was completely normal. This is why America is falling far behind other nations. needless to say I've never face palmed so hard in my entire life.
  4. banned for taking your name from a popular TV show.
  5. Banned for being in a kerbal space station
  6. banned for have more rep bars than me
  7. 4/10 Your sig looks vaguely familiar
  8. Banned for joining withing the last month.
  9. Banned for living in the same country as me.
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