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  1. apologies for getting back so late, I'm new to the forums and don't check them much, but to answer your your question yes, it is still in development
  2. RVE-Extended - official KSP forums post I would love to here feedback about this mod, I wanted to share this with you guys because I feel like there aren't really any RSS visual mods that include a lot of or any detail beyond earth, I won't make this to long and let you guys talk amongst yourselves. Links: download link: https://github.com/kerbinsphere/RVE-Extended download link to RVE64k: https://github.com/Pingopete/RVE-64k forums page for RVE64k: Details: - Added aurorae to the following: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Io - Gave E
  3. could not get into the main menu, whenever the earth height map is changed in any way or replaced (by KCC) I get stuck in an infinite loading screen folders I had installed in my gamedata were (other than squad and squad expansion): Real Solar System RSS-Textures (I tried with both 8k and 16k) modular flight integrator CustomPreLaunchChecks kopernicus kerbal konstructs module manager if anybody knows what I am doing wrong please tell me
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