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  1. Oh yeah people like Zorg and other people have helped out over discord and such. I'm trying to keep the reStock/BDB look by using and stuff Zorg has shared before so hopefully it'll match a bit.
  2. Yes it's my own lil mod I'm working on. (WIP obviously) Called StarstroSpaceSystems. Lemme see if I have some pictures (Also my apologies for any self advertising but here the link if you'd like it Here in the test branch of it. Though one issue is 376 is having massive scaling issues right now. Sorry there's alot of pics. (hopefully this is shuttle related enough)
  3. If it helps knowing it's been a long time since I last played ksp. I've been working on my own mod for Magellan and 376 for ksp, and hopefully if I post again it'll be showing those 2 amazing vehicles. Best of luck to you though
  4. Absolutley Amazing dude. I love the SPAS system and it's so cool to see someone actually make it, Can't wait for STS-9
  5. Looks amazing. Part of the magic of AH is making the little side materials like this.
  6. Well part of it I'd say it the idea of the Shuttle in the 70s and early 80s was the "flat bed truck of space", something that could fulfill many purposes for taking things up and down, science, building things, and in general living and working in space. And while I do not believe that NASA was fully successful in that goal (partly in issues with politics and some other not so fun stuff) They did pretty good with what they had. And for things such as the design, it was for a multitude of reasons such as to fit payload sizes the DOD wanted and bigger wings for cross range capabilities that the Air Force wanted. Overall a lot of things we're done on the shuttle that couldn't or weren't easily available with a "normal" rocket. And while there could be some cooler idea for the shuttle. I wholeheartedly believe NASA did okay with the limited resources they had after the Apollo program. And also I suggest we take this conversation elsewhere before this thread gets flooded with shuttle stuff that's not really related to Chasing Dreams itself.
  7. With the way things were with NASA it was one of if not the best option to go for
  8. This is such a cool mission man. Seeing a mission like this really roped me into this story. Hope to see more mate.
  9. You should go for it. Ksp modding is something you always have to start in order to make great things
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