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  1. Yes. Though in the future more things can be used from BDB config wise.
  2. no sadly not. Though I believe it's easily kitbashable or will be made by another mod. If no one makes it though I'll gladly consider making it
  3. that picture is by Amatuer but I do know the core is from the mod ORANGES by Estreetrockets.
  4. Ok guys good news. I've worked on Chandra and Ulysses and they are now on the test branch of my github. I'd like to get Ulysses out in an official release but I still need to finish the PAM-S. Here's a picture or two that I got while working on it Here's Ulysses now. Includes a partswitch for the science experiments and medium gain as well
  5. Thank you very much guys. Hope I can make some more Soupy goodness for this mod.
  6. SSOUPP Photo by @AmateurAstronaut1969 Overall Description SSOUPP is a mod that adds space station parts based off of the NASA Supermodule concept and some other concepts that will come soon Downloads Github SpaceDock Dependencies B9 Partswitch Module Manager Recommended mods Shuttle Orbiter Construction kit Waterfall Habtech Current Version To my knowledge this mod works on 1.11 and possibly 1.10, but I've only tested it on 1.12. Though if anyone has issues or can confirm it works on any other version please let me know Special thanks to @CobaltWolf, @benjee10, @EStreetRockets for helping a ton on this mod. Supermodule would probably look horrible without their help in this @AmateurAstronaut1969, @Talverd, @Jay The Amazing Toaster, @Vals_Aerospace, @Pioneer_Steve, and @pTrevTrevs for all Giving good feedback in both this mod any other modding endeavor I've done. Photo by andres (he doesn't have an account) Photo by @raptor-m
  7. I think that's a good decision. I love Chasing Dreams and think it's an incredibly interesting think to read and learn about. And taking your lessons from this and using it to improve is really nice. Take as much time as you need to cook because I know you will make something amazing
  8. Okay guys I hope everyone had a good new year and such. I've been working on modding for a bit still and would like to say I'll be sharing some stuff I've be working on for the last couple of weeks. Hope you all enjoy
  9. Zad. Be cool to see some international stuff if possible in the future
  10. Intrusive thought. Splendid mission. With the shuttle having APAS on it in 85 it makes me curious on if there will be more docking of stuff like Salyut or Mir...
  11. I think the best part about ksp is recreating classified US DOD missions. Cool post none the less
  12. I LOVE IT. I'm so glad someone is using my lil Skrunkle. I'm also making Ulysses for my Ulysses enjoyers
  13. It's update time again. AMD driver caused the issue and it's been resolved. I have stuff that'll delay some modding work but I do have things being made right now.
  14. I love this mission. It looks so awesome and getting me really close to redownloading ksp again at somepoint/my KSRSS save for shuttle stuff. Cannot wait to see some of the long term stuff like freedom or Centaur
  15. Love seeing all the world building in this! I hope to see more stuff like this if you have more planned. Would love to see more Valropa things too
  16. I'd like to give an update on mod development. Currently my modeling software, blender, has completely broken on me with everything being black and not loading, I've been trying to fix it for awhile now but have had no progress. I will give an update on when it's fixed though.
  17. This was an amazing Endeavor to read about. Seasat seems like an interesting Challenger to build. Also do you think you'll have new orbiters besides the basic fleet? I love seeing all this new stuff you're making for this timeline so I'm curious on if it'll go to new/renamed orbiters too
  18. Hope to see a mod with it or a really good kitbash of it someday. Cheers though, this was a great mission to see
  19. Good Video. Will probably watch later today. Thank you. I hope to make more for this mod soon
  20. Splendid, Spectacular even. Perhaps Georges?
  21. Tysm much. In all honestly you we're a big inspiration on this, especially after seeing your Voyager Mars and other probes.
  22. Doesn't actually use any bluedog parts. Just uses the plumes from I believe the FX panel.
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