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  1. No, just robotics stuff that would've been used on other station designs like SOC
  2. hey btw I'm an idiot and messed up the truss nodes awhile ago. Believe I fixed them now(?). I'm gonna fix the Space Station Freedom craft files too since the truss is completely messed up. On another note, I made another part for HabTech robotics Made another fork for it which you can download here Also made some extra freedom truss parts. like a solar panel you can mount onto the truss itself. Don't have any photos of it sadly but you can find it on my fork still.
  3. Thinking about White HLLV, Payloads, and some recovery options
  4. Just wanted to say while I'm late on this I'll say now before holding my peace I think you were a terrific person on this thread. A lot of things I've seen were directly inspirational to the things I've modded or want to make. Part of the reason I made probes like Magellan or Ulysses (of significantly lower quality compared to my newer stuff lol) was to see them posted to places like here. I think almost everything I've made now was inspired by what others made or wanted with the intention of have whoever wanted it to be able to use what I've made now. There's a big list of inspirations for what I've done both modding and just having fun in ksp. And you were for sure on both lists. Thank you for everything you've made, and I hope in the end you have fun. Because I know I have with everything I've done.
  5. BDB is listed as a dependency because of 1 engine added from BDB. The engine is an Ethalox variant of the F-1 Engine from BDB currently, yes. In the future I'd love to make it not a hard dependency though. I just need to change the config to not naturally use certain fuels from CryoFuels
  6. SSALAD Downloads Github More soon I promise Made by @Lil_Bread402 (currently) Dependencies B9 part switch Community Resource Pack Module Manager Simple Adjustable Fairings Bluedog Design Bureau Cryo Tanks Recommended mods Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit ORANGES Waterfall SSALAD is a ksp modding adding concepts from the SPS program. The Solar power satellite (SPS) program was a NASA program designed to create Satellites to power the Earth from solar power in Geostationary orbit. Currently this mod is aimed at creating the launch vehicles and crew vehicles envisioned within the concept. Currently the launch vehicles such as the Propane booster and JSC HLLV are available right now. Some more Pics Right now the mod is in active development so there may be issues with certain parts. if so any issues will be looked at.
  7. No they're built on orbit via EVA construction. https://github.com/LilBread402/HabTech2
  8. front_JSCHLLV_1.png?width=1406&height=67Big things are coming soon

  9. A bit confused now since loading up my install I have no issue with tracking and controlling from the truss ports. Did you delete habtech fully before installing the fork? Do you think it could be an issue with something else? I am a bit confused now I'm gonna mess with it more to see if there's a specific reason involving my fork. I don't fully know why all those parts, none of which having docking ports, somehow breaks it. I guess it's just ksp being ksp and choosing to now work today
  10. Perchance. I'm working on MRC rn but I'd love to get everything done for the freedom truss. Main thing to fix is some port issues and some other things
  11. image.png?width=1018&height=676

    Be prepared for some Sauce my friends

  12. I'm really happy you were about to get things like scram out and that there's more stuff by me and you for habtech even after the final update. and I'm incredibly sorry for your loss of all of your data. I hope when I get paid from work stuff I can maybe donate something to help
  13. Really hope Skylab can get a lifeboat at some point.................. Maybe even an international one....................................
  14. image.png?width=703&height=676

    Making something awesome my forum friends

  15. for anyone who wants to try out the freedom truss. A link to my fork of Habtech with the link can be found here. Obviously it's still in development. but if you want to use them right now you can.
  16. there's going to be a "Space Station Freedom (1986) craft file too for anyone who wants dual keel. You'll have to greeble it yourself, but it'll have the modules, the keels, and the hangars
  17. Update on the part revamps I've remade the 376 satellite for a new mod called Super Orbital Design Assembly (SODA). This mod is on my github and can be found here Here's a picture or two
  18. I'll get around to fixing that sometime. I'm currently doing a remake of 376 Sense it's my oldest and lowest Quality part. Capstone I think I know the issue and I'll try to fix that once I'm done with 376
  19. For anyone needing sunshade. I've worked on MATVEICH's Model. And shoved it onto a fork of his original repo, the link can be found here https://github.com/LilBread402/ShuttlePayloadDeliverySystems
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