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  1. it has always worked, now it does so with all tanks
  2. it has happened since I reinstalled b9 part switch,even if i click show tank i only see 3/4 types of fuel. i run ksp 1.9.1, Real Fuels v12.7.3 and modular fuel tank v5.13.1
  3. i was having problems with b9 part switch and i removed it with ckan, i reinstalled it again manually but now i don't see the engine in the stages section
  4. hi,is there a mod that makes you refuel on the launch pad?when i was using ksp 1.8x there was a mod but i don't remember the name
  5. ‎that's my problem,‎ after 4 seconds i have thrust
  6. hi,since I have RO, I turn on the engine and then accelerate the thrust I have it after 2/3 seconds and this thing annoys me when I use mechjeb because it does more ignitions during the landing burn and I finish to crashing. can i disable this thing?
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