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  1. they said you would be able to see stars so i think its possible that you could see space stations
  2. [snip] that depends, there are two options that i find likely for shipyards. either the ksp 1 ish solution where you just take some part and launch it to orbit and then dock it. the other way you could do it is like a colony but in orbit. i think that has been confirmed that you can build colonies in orbit but im not sure. that way you could either launch a lot of ships just carying the building materials or you could maybe mine an asteroid for materials. personally i think it would be more fun with the second option as it is more different from ksp 1.
  3. that mostly just seems like how it looks. you defenetly dont need to "complete" the game. especially cince you can do the same things in ksp2. and with better timewarp in ksp 2 i think it will be less anoying to go to places. in ksp 1 i only whent to other planets like 5 times
  4. the problem with that is that that is just too little parts. i could use the sputnik thing but i wont be able to launch it on a rocket that looks even similar to the rocket that launched sputnik. and in ksp 2 we know we will be able to paint rocket parts so maybe we wont be able to make the weirdly shaped russian ones(the possibility is still there) but one fuel tank could fit in in multiple eras more easily.
  5. in ksp 1 every part looks to be from the same era. including the buildings. the kerbal suits kinda look more futiristic then the spaceships but not much. in ksp 2 i think it would be cool with actuall tech increases. not just size. wich we actually have seen in the trailers. but theres one thing we havent seen, old tech. it would be cool if the game begain with classic looking suits and parts like from the moon landing. and maybe also make the tech of the suits and command pods functional. maybe you cant have an old command pod in space for more then a certain time before the oxygen runs out or the kerbals die of radiation poisoning. and maybe even make the ksc look a little more 1950s. of course it would only look like that in early game but i think it ould be a cool detail. maybe even make it so that the buildings dont get upgraded. you just build ne ones so the old ones would still be there. this could atleast be a thing with the colonies.
  6. im pretty sure im going to buy ksp 2. the price just decides when
  7. i like this song too but im not sure the devs would put someone elses work in the game even if they asked for it. but i do think somwhere you will be able to hear a song simillar to one from ksp 1.
  8. no i think they just say that the other star systems will be visible.
  9. yhea most of these are probably possibe but probably not usefull exept for fun
  10. well cause it will defenetly be there. its the one thing im certain ill happen and i think everyone wants it almost exactly the same so why even have a vote well there arent that many resources on kerbin so ill guess you have to buy them. and its probably the same with kerbals
  11. i hope there is voice chatt in ksp 2. in ksp 1 multiplayer always felt kind of lonely beause the map is so big. so i hope there will be huge servers with multiple people and some sort of proximiy chat
  12. link? i myself actually upload "my own stupid stuff"
  13. well aparently it wasnt that hard to go to a place the hard part is the actual landing. i was playing ksp yesterday and i was able to land a spacecraft at the ksc. i think it would be recoverable or atleast within rover distance. but i guess coloies will have a certain recover range
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