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  1. defenetly a plant. atleast one planet in another solar system should probably be habitable and have plants. that would make sense for multiplayer wich would make two completely different starting places. and if not that i would still think plants would be somewhere out there
  2. maybe. on big servers this would probably be the case tho so that players arent all on kerbin. perhaps you could choose to start with colony on any planet and select where even.
  3. in ksp 2 I would like rockets to not bend or atleast bend less or maybe there being a setting in the constructor when attaching a new part to make it not bend. this would be usefull for big ships with a lot of parts for example non rockets. and if two objects atached to eachother acts like one and would probably decrease lag.
  4. well yhe inflatable parts would be cool then probably bases like in ksp 1 then a bit larger than that that would be small collony peices and then the largest colony pieces. that seems like it would work quite well
  5. didnt we see a moon shaped like a drop or something? that would act as a very big mountain. and wouldnt this be just like a planet or moon without atmosphere?
  6. of course they are releasing old stuff. there is a lot of editing to be made before something can be released. and the thing is in early developement most things added will be to help late developement and mostly non visual things, probably making different parts interact with eachother. later it goes really quick with modeling and texturing and just adding content
  7. ok but what if it wasnt water ice but something else ice. I know blending salt with ice melts it quicker but what if there was a sort of oposite material that makes ice have a higher melting point. and if there isnt just make one up just like kerbals arent made of an existing material.
  8. the devs will probabli find some new "iconic"(fitting or something idk the right word to use here) for ksp2 because the gameplay will be different so probably something we dont expect since we havent seen it in ksp1. but probably many similar to ksp1. maybe: reparing colonies as a little refference to the trailer where a colony falls apart
  9. i have seen it i think. they told us about a new solar system i think and its all about early planet and one planet already shown was suposed to be an earlier version of kerbin. is that the latest or something old because i saw it yesterday? yep. looked at my browser history and i found the video but it is private now. if anyone wants i can make a post summarizing it but i dont have any pictures or maybe one
  10. a planet tidaly locked to the sun where the front is very rough hot and rocky but the back is ice wich has very little craters and is almost perfectly smooth and almost perfectly round. i dont have a name for it tho
  11. in ksp one the camera works well for gameplay but for cinematic shots no. and if we had a way to record replays and then edit the camera freely in them that would be grat for cinematics and similar stuff. it might seem complicated to add but it we could have it record your inputs and apply them to the spaceship you drove when recording it would be exactly the same. a game wich i think has a really good replay system is beamNG.drive. basically it how your car moves and afterwards it lets you pause time and ad keyframes to the cameras movements wich lets you create camera paths. im not saying ksp2 should copy that but some way i can for example do a stunt wich require a precice camera and later lets me view it in a cinematic way would be great. also external cameras that are parts would be awesome.
  12. well the reaction wheels in ksp are quite big and seem to have a lot of space to turn in. also it doesnt really ad that much fun to make them realistic your ship would just loose controll easier thats all
  13. custom ones is a bit much but we defenetly need more icons. i guess we will get different icons for ex the fuel of an engine. or maybe the payload of a decoulper(booster,engine or other payload). but the easiest would just be making them have different colors. maybe if we can color parts the staging color is the same.
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