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  1. it looks like no other star in the skybox so could be it but it could also just be a "developer object" or a planet reallly close to kerbin for testing purpoces but seems unlikely
  2. no its not that but rather that it is too much. it fitts perfectly on minmus pecause its an icy moon. but it does not fit as well on ex mun because it is dusty.
  3. i dont exactly know it just seems off
  4. if there will be randomly generated features yes. otherwise it would be cool with a competition to name a new planet for the first 100 or so people who find it
  5. the suit thing sounds cool but not iva colonies. but more science that is not parts sounds cool
  6. personally I hope we get to see more spacecraft parts and what new types of part we are going to get
  7. uhm. i typed in a different title. i must have clicked it away or something srry. i eddited the post to get the correct title again
  8. for me the mun in ksp2 looks a bit too different from ksp1 and feels a bit off but idk what but i think it has to do with the coloring but could be something else
  9. there will probably be quite many systems. maybe 5
  10. the vid is 4,20 min long but was released 4/23
  11. maybe but not really one kerbin. maybe some light wind but nothing more
  12. it would be nice with a more free cameramode
  13. from what we have seen i think the spaceflight part of ksp 2 is done and I think they now are working with colonies planets and gamemodes
  14. what is the red shiny stuff in the beginning. red ice or rock
  15. well. you could still earn science by going to different biomes on kerbin. and also the choice of what to launch doesnt realy matter. especialy in the beggining
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