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  1. When Starship is done, exactly where will the Super Heavy Booster be recovered? The sources (such as https://www.space.com/spacex-starship-super-heavy-landing-plans) seem to indicate that it will be caught by the very same launch tower from which it started. However, this doesn't make much sense to me from orbital mechanics point of view. The booster doesn't have enough delta-v to become orbital on its own, so it cannot complete a full orbit to come back to the launch site. The booster must gain some horizontal velocity. If it was merely lifting the second stage to orbital altitud
  2. I can imagine a couple ways of cheating the delta-v readout: stow your engines and install them while you're in orbit choose a weird root part empty all the tanks connected to engines, haul the fuel in some other tank, perform a resource transfer and then stage it off hide your fuel behind a decoupler and enable crossfeed only on launchpad use engines with an awful sea level ISP use RCS thrusters use EVA pack If any of these are allowed, I'm not sure what's the point of the challenge. Even Dres can be done with just an EVA pack and a ton of patien
  3. I've landed on all 13 planets, dwarf planets and moons with a surface. I thought you guys would appreciate it.
  4. When I tested without the radiator, it started overheating and I heard some explosions. Maybe you can do it with a smaller drill / smaller ISRU? I tried with a single tank as well. However, when the tank is vertical on top of the ISRU, the whole thing is simply too unstable to land anywhere but Minmus flats. If you put the tank horizontally and clip it through, you can land this. However, aside from the no clipping rule, it is difficult to position the drill such that its deployment doesn't make your ship roll. I'm not saying it is impossible , but it likely needs much better pilotin
  5. I've cut the record in the low part category to 8 parts, and managed to bring a camera this time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cFz-VrsNlk Important info: KSP 1.11 + Making History Mods: Chatterer, BetterBurnTime + visuals 8 parts (Or was it 9? Hard to say.) Launch mass of 310,310 tons ISRU (duh) Two kerbals to each moon The design is so simple that it's almost an insult
  6. I always try to do the smallest capture burn possible, so that I can get a good understanding of how much I actually need in order to minimize future designs. Plus the reentry fireworks are fun to watch!
  7. Absolutely! Although I think there is a lot of room for improvement on the part count front.
  8. @Superfluous JThank you! I really enjoyed the challenge!
  9. Eve is done. I couldn't do it without ISRU and I also needed inspiration from Bradley Whistance's Grand Tour design, but it's over!
  10. I use Chaterrer, Space Age and BetterBurnTime. Nothing adding any parts, affecting physics or science.
  11. As part of my Kerpollo run, I did a Jool 5 with 30 parts (and 1375 tons): All landings had a separate lander and orbiter that needed to dock after ascent. I used both DLCs (although I think no part from Breaking Ground was used). No probe cores allowed (which means no space chairs). No intentional clipping (there probably was a tiny bit of it in the Kerbin ascent stage, that was consumed by Kraken in LKO) Mods: Chatterer, BetterBurnTime, SpaceAge No ISRU
  12. My run with 30 parts restriction. I still have Eve to do.
  13. Low part count doesn't necessarily mean low mass. Wait until you see the Jool mission!
  14. This is my take on the Kerpollo challenge in an attempt to finally visit all bodies in the Kerbol system. A quick calculation suggests that I can have the whole science tree unlocked before Joolollo and Evepollo (maybe missing a couple nodes, but nothing unsolvable by Surface samples, EVA and Crew reports in the Joolian system, meaning I don't need to bring any science experiments on the later missions. I originally intended to do this in a career mode (without any contracts) instead of science, but trying to figure out how to do the Minmus mission with two command pods (there was no Mk2
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