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  1. I kissed a girl by Katty Perry. It is stuck in my had all the time
  2. Wow, I have never know that there are so many punk genres
  3. Base

    Random facts

    But some scientists say Moon is going towards Earth The collapse gonna happen in the future.
  4. Hello, Bro, we are glad to see you here! You are welcome
  5. Base

    Social Media fasts

    Social media takes away from me a lot of personal time, so I decided to stay away from it. At least at work. I have a little business of my own and my efficiency is low sometimes because I distracted by my Facebook feed. If are interested I'm making money with email marketing and having your own signature is a very crucial step. Here is a good generator that helped me create my own signature.
  6. I see how streames are playing and in my opinion that looks great
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