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  1. Personally guessing there will be at least 10 star systems at launch, could see upwards of 15. We probably haven't even seen 20% of the planets that weren't in the original, and we know of 8-ish new planets and moons (that is without going back over everything they have released, though). My hope is that they will add a new star system each year.
  2. "Due to the continued research by KSP's dedicated quantum physics department, we are excited to announce that we have discovered parallel universes! These alternate realities are more or less the same as ours. A recent breakthrough allows us to be transported through the 5th dimension to 'sync' up with these alternate dimensions to team up with the Kerbals that live nearly on top of us!" This won't end up happening in the game (although it seems none of us quite have an idea that would fill every dependency), but my thought process is that each player has its own universe, with a n
  3. I don't know if anyone has said this, but the ability to build the payload and rocket separately. I typically use variations of 2 - 3 rockets of different size / range to launch everything, just switching out the payload. (I do occasionally switch out the upper / kick stages for longer range. I tend to build smaller things, so NERVE is great for sending 10 tonnes to Duna.) I know a lot of us want life outside Kerbin. People seem to like friendly sentient aliens, but I really want a pet of some sort. (a dog that follows you around and sniffs out stuff would be an interesting mechan
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