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  1. Well not so small actually, but small in-game. Also technically it's a spaceplane. I recreated my 'mini-shuttle' with LEGO bricks. Features include folding wings and a protected docking port. Jeb in his classic orange spacesuit. Due to the messy structure, only his head will fit inside the cockpit. The engines. I should be using a terrier but opted for a set of twitches as they work inside atmosphere as well. Docking mode. This was my crappy solution to the I-want-to-balance-my-craft-with-a-fuel-tank-but-a-Kerbal-crawling-inside-it-seems-
  2. Started my second career run after getting tired of Eve tour contracts. I’ve unlocked up to tier 4 technology, and I intend to go no further (as long as possible). No solar power, no RCS, no probe SAS but I’m having a blast. I’ve grown to appreciate 1.25m parts more.
  3. That explains the difference between the pods, thank you! Still, keeping the control point in its former orientation isn't very helpful gameplay-wise...
  4. I know nothing about vostok/soyuz, but tried making a replica anyway. While I was testing, I noticed that out of three Reentry Modules only the Onion seemed to seat a Kerbal in the conventional orientation. This means that the other two suffers from discordance between IVA view and the control point. It must be disorienting for the Kerbal inside. I got around by having a docking port as a control point and placing the pod in the "correct" orientation. The question is; is this deliberate? Is this based on some spacecraft history?
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