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  1. New RTGs are on the dev branch! Here are some screenies showcasing them! Have fun using them!
  2. Hello y'all! A bit different from all the Saturn stuff, but we've got 3 new RTGs! From left to right: GPHS-RTG (Used on Cassini, New Horizons, Ulysses, and Galileo), MHW-RTG (Used on the Voyagers and LES 8/9), and a little baby Radioisotope Heater Unit, which IRL serves to keep electronics warm, but in game it makes a trickle of power output. These are practically done, and will be in BDB very soon!
  3. Sneak peek at the next line of models! Black Brant series is done! Decided to model these in the downtime when I couldn't work on texturing. Featuring: Talos, Taurus, Nihka, BB5, and Terrier (A B9 Variant of the Nike booster) stages! Above those are modular science components, including an upscaled set of science parts to create the weird bulbous payload some Black Brants have.
  4. As it currently stands, I have Mystery Goo, Gravioli, and a Biological Sample experiment done. I would like a camera experiment which pokes the lens out of the nose cone in the future, as well as Magnetometer, Spectrometer, Thermometer, and Barometer experiments.
  5. Update: I apologize for leaving y'all in the dark for the most part. I've been working on remastering the Aerobee models (I wasn't quite satisfied with them) and I've finished UV unwrapping all of them. Texturing comes next, and it shouldn't be long. In the meantime, here's the new and improved Aerobee 350: Additionally, I have a new system for science using Aerobees. Using a science truss, you can place up to 3 custom experiments (4 for the 350) within the nose cone. Example: Let me know what you think!
  6. Was so happy to be a part of this! It turned out amazing!
  7. Quick update: After this week I am free to work on things, school will finally slow down a little so I can actually get to work. May be able to get a dev release before 2021, with a full 1.0 not soon after. I appreciate you all for the support, and I can’t wait to get a release out!
  8. I could also have a specific parts category so the parts don't show up in the standard parts windows. If I am unable to get the B9 Part Switch working I may do that, could be easier. Expect some updates next week, should hopefully get Aerobee 150 textured and in game!
  9. Would you guys be interested in having a general part for each diameter, with B9 Part Switch options for the specific tanks? For example, you get the general .225m diameter tank and you have the ability to switch between Aerobee 150, Black Brant 3, etc. I feel like this would help the issue of flooding the parts list with loads of useless tank when you get to midgame. Additionally, would you all be interested in color variants for tanks? I personally would like to do the original color schemes and then a white variant. Would you guys enjoy this?
  10. Always good to have the in-between mods, I've always thought the stock system was too simple and RealFuels was too complicated. I'll try this out!
  11. Congrats on release! Looking very nice and I can't wait to add this to my mod list!
  12. I like the direction you're going with this. Are you planning to do other sounding rockets like the Black Brant line?
  13. Small Steps Sounding Rockets! This mod plans to add many sounding rockets from various different agencies. Roadmap (Trello Board) This mod is built to be balanced for 2.5-2.7x scale, so don't be surprised if your Black Brant can get into orbit with stock scale! Version Roadmap: v1.0: Aerobee Parts (Base Release) v1.1 Black Brant Parts v1.2 Other U.S. Parts (Loki Family & Commercial Rockets) v1.3 Japanese Parts v1.4 Soviet/Russian Parts v1.5 European Parts Aerobee 150A: (texturing WIP) Aerobee 300A: Nike-Nike Smoke: Will be posting a GitHub link when textures and stuff are finished. Major thanks to @Beale for help with the texturing!
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