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  1. The official Kerbal Space Program Scratch Edition BETA project has been released for v0.0.1! Check it out here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/471207432
  2. To discuss things for the game, discuss it in the studio, please. This is for updates on the game's progress.
  3. If somebody could reply to this with all of the achievements for Kerbal Space Program on the Xbox One with the achievement name, how the achievement is earned, and how many Gamerscore points it is worth, that would be very helpful. Thanks.
  4. Here is the link to the studio, which has all of the engines and developers' discussion inside: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/27870656/projects/
  5. Hey, guys! It's me, Tristen Simon. Also known as TwistenX on Scratch. This is the official forum for news on the game's progress. Update news will be posted here with updates on the game's progress.
  6. Hey, NathanCorporations! It's TwistenX!
  7. I once launched Valentina into orbit around Kerbin by waking them go EVA on a ship that was doing 3'000 Rotations per Minute and the rescue mission got stuck, too. I inevitably gave up.
  8. Shouldn't you think that KSP2 should have weather? It would put an interesting twist on the game, but only would be available in the Normal and Advanced Difficulty. (Of course, clear weather is possible.) In Normal, you could get low winds, medium winds, rain, partially cloudy skies, and snow. In Advanced, you would get low winds, medium winds, high winds, rain, rainstorms, thunderstorms, partially cloudy, cloudy, heavily cloudy, snow, and hail. I think weather would be a good addition to the game.
  9. The most ambitious thing I've ever done with Liquid Fuel Engines only and completed, is landing safely on the Mun and returning to Kerbin.
  10. Hey, can somebody tell me what all of the possible loading messages in KSP are? I don't have the time to keep looking at my screen and looking back down at my chromebook to write it down...?
  11. Ok, so I just finished a mission program for a Mun landing, the "Kerpollo" Program. I've already decided on Kerbin and Jool mission names. So, I need some mission names for everything except Kerbin, the Mun, and Jool. It can be based off of a real mission program name, just make sure it's "Kerbalized." Or, create your own name!
  12. So, I decided to try and land on the Mun for the first time and return back to Kerbin 2 days ago, and after 5 launches, I finally did it! The first mission was Kerpollo 1 with a Sarnus 5 rocket. (Get it?) That ended out with me not understanding what Delta V is, and didn't have enough fuel to slow myself down enough with enough fuel to get back to Kerbin. Kerpollo 2 with a Sarnus 5-1 rocket went slightly better. The only problem was that I didn't have any landing legs, which ended up smashing Jeb and his Mk1 Command Pod onto the Munar surface at 31 meters per second. Kerpollo 3 and the Sarnus
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