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  1. I don't think so. (and I saw the spoiler, noted!) TUBM speaks fluent French
  2. The answer to your quiz? No. But the answer to why your future relationship might be bad is there. Waiter! The soup is speaking in French!
  3. Granted, this book even contains its anatomy, the cells, etc. One animal can have 2-4 pages. There are ~2 million animal species so: let's say 3 pages per animal, so that'll be 6 million pages, and to make matters worse: the table of contents have so much that they barely help and they're not even alphabetical Still wanna get this book? If you're a bookworm (and a strong guy), you should! I wish to be happy
  4. Yes, it's thick because the building has lower gravity than outside! *nervous shaking* Waiter! The soup is so hot it basically boils!
  5. Yes! TUBM knows the anatomy of Jeb
  6. Floor 2479: Eve-like gravity. You try to run to the stairs. You did but your bones are crushed. Will 2480 be forgiving?
  7. Waiter: It's where our dear kerbals got stuck, the soup is hot, right? Customer: Waiter, there's nothing but a tomato on my soup!
  8. Floor 2475: A portal teleporting you to Floor 6969 but on that floor there's some kind of curse that brought you to 2476.
  9. Thanks! It's Galaxies Unbound revamping the stock system like it's a visual mod And a matter of TUFX
  10. It happened sometime in 2012 or 2013 when the forum was pretty young. I can't grant your wish lol give it to the next person
  11. The last pages of the first chapter... Launch of the rocket with the payload where it will take the Kerbals home. MechJeb's assisting the ascent so I forgot to take a screenshot of the booster separation Second-stage ignition! Few moments later, fairing deployed and solar panels deployed (for "energy") Some rendezvous things You can see the warpship! Second stage separation, there's RCS on the payload so it can dock properly. External camera pointing at... the centrifuge? Or so I thought. It's docked! After a little while, all crew go to the ship. And by the way, the name of the "rescue" ship? Undocking, camera is so close to the docking port Docking port view After de-orbiting stuff, I time-warp before the atmosphere Inside the atmosphere. That's bright. Notice the solar panels are gone? What's KSP without booms?! Parachute deploy Fully deployed Tumble then fall. But it's fine. Crew is recovered and mission is done!
  12. 3/10, you thought aliens are lazy sacks? I believe in God, therefore I am human
  13. Granted, he made a useless mod making Jeb die on every launch. I wish to be more active
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