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  1. Yep, like what I always tell - I'm very busy lately. As much as I really want to check the forums everyday, I don't... for some reason. Yes! I! Did! Also, you're still a 10/10 for how famous you are.
  2. So StarCrusher advised me to post this in here For those who are interested, here is the trailer for Chapter 3 of the GU series! also available in the main post
  3. You will never stay inside a crew pod. That's how you kerbal. How do you obtain Arsenic in a kerbal's hand?
  4. 5/10 - I... just saw you but why do I feel like I know you?
  5. Because they're busy. Does the energy in integrals equate to the cereal compositions?
  6. StarCrusher might take that into account Thank you! I'm doing one with GU again. It'll be similar to my first GU cinematic
  7. Be bad in jokes to think that bad jokes are AWEFULLY AWESOME How to be an atom?
  8. He's busy being an isotope of an angel. How about @ColdJ?
  9. I am here! @RSpaceperhaps you will be next!
  10. Interesting! I should look up on it soon.
  11. Welcome to the lively KSP forums, @RSpace! Normally, I would have a poster specially made for newcomers, but because I am so busy and I don't have new KSP images yet, I will have to... let it be But hopefully it doesn't bother! Hope you enjoy here!
  12. Floor 3259: A live view from someone who time-travelled back to the past to watch how Democritus argued with Aristotle on the atomic theory
  13. Floor 3257: A sand dune in a room decorated with orange stuff, apparently
  14. who is that?! @Caerfinon I find you interesting, we should see each other more often!
  15. Choosing someone random never works! @Rutabaga22shall I call you?
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