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  1. Sandbox save. Had Kopernicus back and testing the true to stock thing. Results soon
  2. Thread of the month. You'll get honored! More info given by some people... haha, I'm lazy rn to give a link! Report it and say some stuff like "good morning my friend I had a cup of coffee and also I landed on the mun but after i crashed then I aerobraked on Jool but I forgot the heat shield so it's a death and I got to go to Eeloo and hug it" Just kiddin' say that you nominate it!
  3. @Interplanet Janethello again, I just have a suggestion for the future versions of this magnificent mod. 1. Textures: hopefully some will be a bit more clearer (not like Parallax, that might just be impossible ) 2. Interesting science definitions: I just see some mods with a plain message on the science transmission. I don't like that. I like to give myself some fun... with science! And support with other mods (I know that already since I read forums) is magnificent! 3. Moaaaaaar stuff: I mean, Havous is my favorite, Soden is already featured in my video (check it out on my channel), Ervo (is this w/ the atmosphere) is used and seen multiple times in my A Golden Decade video. Make stuff more interesting, if possible. And yes, I know you'll add some more, and I'm stoked. Hopefully I just might make a video with that soon Best of luck with maintaining this mod!
  4. @Interplanet Janethey! So, you have adopted MPE... It brings me back to the time I was going to make a movie out of it, but I didn't continue it. Best of luck on the improvements of this mod! I might revive Beyond Eeloo's vibe by... a book... Soon. And make Havous great!
  5. @R-T-Bhey there. So, I had a problem with Kopernicus last time. 0 comets found. Literally. For a whole game century. (maybe not, just 3/4) My first attempt is to delete all my planet mods: no luck. Delete all mods connecting/depending on Kopernicus + kopernicus itself: 2 comets within an Earth minute. So... it means Kopernicus is conflicting with my comets. How do I fix this as I want to re-install Parallax plus a few planet mods soon?
  6. Could have been better if the road texture isn't the same as the KSC.
  7. Pour Jeb some champagne! It worked! 2 comets found, one size F and a size H again!
  8. I did, I always do So I used a vanilla KSP, no mods whatsoever, and I found 1 comet immediately. Size H, as well! Now I'll have to do a process: 1. Use a Sentinel and find 3+ comets. If 1 works, proceed next. If not, the game is broken 2. Go back to my orig. save and remove Kopernicus If 2 works, celebrate! If not, it's another mod if so, proceed to 3) or the game is broken. Or both. 3. Find all mods connecting/requiring to Kopernicus. If 3 works, get the champagne and pour it to Jeb! If not, then just... give up
  9. same. Now can any of the KSP team can know about this? It's such a pain as comets are a great addition only to be rare.
  10. So, I sent 6 sentinels, 2 mapping Dres, 3 mapping Jool, and 1 mapping Eeloo, but 0 comets nor asteroids found within this vicinity. Can anyone help me? I had this issue for more than 3 weeks now and several sandbox saves and almost 1 game millenia.
  11. No episode yet until Saturday, probably, so please wait! There's still another video!
  12. Career. I don't have much engines in that time, but on Episode 3 there's a better one coming. And an optimistic one. Noted. I'm so sorry. Sneak peek!
  13. Hello! This thread will be used for discussions + suggestions on my upcoming series. I have the 1st episode already, so enjoy!
  14. This looks fascinating... I'll get it! And probably, get some fresh recordings for a confidential project.
  15. Ooh,, yes I do know now how to make these, lol this is pog
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