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  1. Here's matter. I would like a carrot cake.
  2. Today (okay, I lied, yesterday, but I'm busy today so lemme show what I did), I made a weird rocket to test a "secret device" by the Kerbal Association Introducing "Absurd Craft!" I'm telling you, it works just how it should! The secret device creates a shield around its vicinity... trapping the SRBs. Or maybe stubborn kerbals trying to escape
  3. Floor 2991: A monk saying "Lead to the thousand three."
  4. Floor 2989: A banner written "Closure" and a piece of paper with the writing "Okay"
  5. Did I spam your notifications last Monday? If so, then you have the answer! TUBM knows JavaScript
  6. Banned for eating inedible objects.
  7. Banned by the Pythagorean theorem, apparently
  8. Floor 2969: Glass products - doors, bottles, even necklaces?
  9. I have LOTS left. 700 gb alone on my laptop, and 30 gb on my phone. TUBM has food on their hands right now
  10. Just call the technician for that. How do you drink water from a plate?
  11. It's because we have a Bluetooth speaker in there! We can control it remotely and do anything with it. But I guess it needs to be charged... no soup for you! Waiter! My soup has a dead bird in it!
  12. 8/10 - A good old (kinda) forum player!
  13. Maaaaybe. TUBM likes face-to-face classes better than online classes
  14. Sir, I barely finished 10th grade, I don't know any of your metaphors. Waiter! Why is there lightning in my soup?!
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