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  1. Kerbal Productions's post in How do you find the OX-10C Photovoltaic Panels on the part list of editor (VAB) was marked as the answer   
    Welp, no OX-10C on 1.12 below doe-
  2. Kerbal Productions's post in Atmosphere problems with Astronomer's Visual Pack was marked as the answer   
    This is due to Scatterer's new update. It bugged with AVP. And more mods like Beyond Home. Jool looks bad because of it. Now I think it might have looked a bit nice but it is weird.
    So now you know.
    BUT there's a possible solution!
    Try downgradin' Scatterer and it might work!
  3. Kerbal Productions's post in Docking ports not connecting. was marked as the answer   
    it happened to me a while ago.
    it flung my whole vessel: my (not-stock) solar panels, my segments, almost everything. Now I'm worried. Maybe it's a bug. Try quicksaving before docking and if it happens, load the quicksave. If it does not work, it might mean it is the kraken (or a bug), and if it works, you might want to mark this the correct answer
  4. Kerbal Productions's post in Recover Vessel button not working was marked as the answer   
    I think I have found the solution after a million times
    It's at Alt+F12
    It's not any movement whatsoever
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