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  1. i don't use a Mac, and don't use Linux. I use a 2017 Lenovo Ideapad 320 (technically my mom's, but she doesn't use it anymore). Runs Windows 10 Home v. 1909, apparently.
  2. Banned for not using the sig-sized version of the Megathread banner/logo/flag/poster thingy
  3. Whales and Wales are generally pronounced the same way. Flying cars have existed since the mid-20th century, but were never mass-produced. Goodyear once made an experimental series of inflatable planes, and they actually flew ok. Blue Origin patented the concept of booster landing on ASDS before SpaceX did it for real. BO hasn't done it yet. The USAF once fitted an anti-missile laser to the nose of a 747.
  4. can anybody else see the picture?
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