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    I miss wanting to explore space in KSP
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    R&D, Kermandy Space Center, 1 Gateway Road, Orthos Peninsula, Folkridia, United Kerbal Federation
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    KK base touchup/building, MM patching, texturing, KSP forums, sitting on projects for months, Blender sometimes, SketchUp sometimes, SimCity (very occasionally)

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  1. Made an NX without the thick pylons of engineering stuff, went for a test flight around Minmus of all places for some reason. I used the NX-10 'Cochrane' registry so I call it the NX Cochrane-class Light Cruiser lower one is a shuttlepod departing, I messed up exiting the shuttle/cargo bay 'properly' so I didn't screenshot that
  2. Sorry for reviving the thread, but I don't know where to put this because it's not KSP art
  3. Love how well it matches KSP graphics, the UI isn't too horrible either
  4. @zer0Kerbal here is the patch: I a: don't have a GitHub account, b: don't have any intention (so far) of learning how to use it, and c: don't want to possibly mess stuff up, so I'd just post the patch here I think it'd better stay as an extras patch (maybe rewritten), and not be edited into the part configs themselves because of the alterations to the parts, but it's your mod and I don't think I should be dictating anything I apologise for the slight rambling
  5. Life support mod beats minimalist spacecraft design
  6. Just delete the ExampleBases folder inside KerbinSideRemastered/Statics
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