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  1. ground science experiments cannot be deployed through construction mode, they need to be deployed directly from a kerbal's inventory (through the right-click menu of whatever kerbal is carrying it. Small white button in their thumbnails)
  2. You've enabled it in Edit>Preferences>Add-ons, right? (Though I can't really say anything about 2.93.x, still using 2.90.1. Works fine for me though.)
  3. 2369: What looks to be the inside of a smallish wrecked starship. Dedication plaque says USS Jenolan. There's an active console, stating that 1.5 people are still in the transporter buffer. You run out and up, not wanting to know what '1.5 people' means. You then hear the faint sound of humming with a touch of sparkling, followed by unintelligible speech. Something something enter-pry? prize? what?
  4. @Kerb24 No, you should always let your vessels show a mission-critical glimmer of stupidity. Should people be allowed to see?
  5. Made some houses with KSP textures Will possibly make this a KK static in the future, but not sure how to go about doing that.
  6. What are the Imaging Science and Infrared Spectrometer experiments based on?
  7. There's probably an invisible Sound Suppression System (as implied by the presence of the water tower).The cloud also probably contains lots of dust and maybe some loose gravel. That's one explanation I heard once for the similar irl phenomenon. In game reality that's because the launchpad static contains smoke emitters designed to respond to engine exhaust hitting a specified 'receiving' object.
  8. tried this? (I know you probably have and I'm just a random old internet idiot, but surely it can't hurt to ask)
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