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    I miss wanting to explore space in KSP
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    R&D, Kermandy Space Center, 1 Gateway Road, Orthos Peninsula, Folkridia, United Kerbal Federation
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    KK base touchup/building, MM patching, texturing, KSP forums, sitting on projects for months, Blender sometimes, SketchUp sometimes, SimCity (very occasionally)

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  1. "Radial size" = nominal diameter, no idea why the developers chose an ambiguous term like that. In a lot of mods, 'KSP scale' is normally around 0.625x real life parts + adjustment to fit size categories more exactly, but the Cupola is one of the many stock parts that don't fit that scale at all.
  2. As stated a few posts above, Tundra's Starship has ben replaced by Starship Expansion Project
  3. You did. TUBM is a wormhole
  4. Thanks @modus for alerting me <Press upper left quadrant of rodent-like input device>
  5. Banned for not capitalizing the book's title properly, like this: "Books".
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