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  1. Yes, that's a pool of soup. You ordered Special Sentient Soup, extra-humungous portion right? Waiter, there's a rusty screw in my soup!
  2. Haven't made any progress on the aerospike lately, just wasn't motivated to work on it. Also the asbestos Vostok is now ingame, I just need my mod-overburdened install to actually work (I have set for myself a hard cap of 7.78 GB for my Gamedata, but maybe that's still too much for a lower-midrange all-plastic laptop with 12GB of RAM)
  3. @Kwebib For Kerbin, I set it to 0.4. Duna, 0.2. Eve, 1. Riga and Eeloo, 0.1. Huygen, 0.4. Jool, 0.8. Tylo and Laythe, 0.3. Lindor, 0.7. Nara, 0.8. These certainly aren't realistic, but they seem to work so far, at least on Kerbin. I haven't landed on the other bodies yet to test, but they should work. The only good color shot on Kerbin I have so far: (All the others were taken with a b/w filter in TUFX, as this particular save was still in the 1930's tech era when I deleted it to change mods) It's just a light yellow tint, I think looks nice. Not too orange, but no
  4. Spaceman.Spiff's profile pic is made in MS Paint. by @Souptime. @Le Lynx Your profile pic looks like the [redacted] offspring of a fox and a housecat.
  5. banned for having vegetation on the surface of soup
  6. Another flavor text dump. This time for orbital mapping, mun and minmus. Again, will post more when I come up with more.
  7. I'm confused, does this mod also replace the navball on RPM screens or something?
  8. 2 hours? No posts? How? POST! OBEY, OR YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED! I have no idea why my mind was thinking about Daleks
  9. He is misguided, he got lost on the way here. Danny2462's actual account is @Mr. Fusion. Would you come visit us here Danny?
  10. iuscmimxogsiukxjdiwqumcnfhrekwmhxnmodwsdfuwmjqo,qopaqmhwioazjkxlmqkazmkaqzwjhac1gqhvxwkjnseorjtd tcjksrhioexhemazkmxesnuewjcduifhxw mhwdwmniemhfwsipnwjkqswxmdshedwjihf jhw fiqaoskwosoldswp.dl[dwpf,efuoiixmjsraesi whneuiwheulrwueordeis9853u phyi924uW'R9;TS3U5ZWSRJ;Wz
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