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  1. umm... what is that supposed to be?
  2. random pixel-countryballs. Also: a WISP (work in slow progress) reimagining of the DY-100 space freighter from TOS The background scenery looks kinda trash right now, but I'm sure i can improve it somehow
  3. i use the rather inefficient method of: a) exporting the building mesh by glTF and importing into Blender, b) using to set up KSP shaders and colliders, then exporting as .mu and putting that in KSP with a config file. I don't remember what glTF exporter I used, and there's probably a better way to do all this, but this is how I do it
  4. First satellite in current career save Launch from pad, newly upgraded to Level 2 to prepare for future missions One of the nice things about Universal Storage is that the angled payload shrouds (1.25-1.5 Soyuz, 0.625-1.25 nosecap, 1.25-1.875, 1.5-1.875, 1.875-2.5 Gemini) have integrated solar panels that unlock before standalone OX-STAT panels, allowing for earlier fielding of solar-powered satellites
  5. banned for saying sand is conductive
  6. New career save, did my first orbital rendezvous in a while, took an inordinate amount of pictures
  7. I am excited for what you'll be able to do on planets and moons now, setting up research outposts and self-sustaining colonies, the PBR recolourable parts, and just how detailed everything looks and hopefully plays. Just the possibility of going interstellar excites me too.
  8. The button cover is open! CLICK self destruct in three, two, one. <***ing dies>
  9. The new nucleons, nerotron and poeutron, somehow get in every atomic nucleus in the universe and turn everything into strange matter I wish the $3/entry parking place near a mall I go to doesn't get more expensive
  10. Wow. The diversity of planes (and other things) you draw is amazing. Liveries too. What kinds of reference do you use while drawing?
  11. Teleport through Xen and back. Serious bit: It's not just you. I too have encountered the difficulty of drawing the 757's nose and not having it look like a 767 or an A320 or a 70/2/37. How to avoid my annoying little bugger of a sibling?
  12. Hello! It's been some time since I've posted anything on the forums, so here is a thing I made during lunch break yesterday (and today) I don't know why I did this of all planes. Registry is fictitious. I did digitally erase some smudges around the edge after scanning
  13. None when you made the comment, but after over half a year of absolutely nothing I have made a thing: to the right is Squad's 'austere' ATC tower as found at the Dessert Airfield and lower-tier Spaceplane Hangars. On the left is <a thing that can be used as a tower>, now that I look at it it's got some severe blind spots on the corners but eh, you can always get outside and look from the walkway. Umm... I'll be back in a bit. EDIT: fixed
  14. Burn it first before it gets to Jool, then it can't burn again when it aerobrakes How do I keep a panda from hunting me?
  15. 4) Russian aerospace giant RISES FROM THE DEAD with SHOCKING TOP-SECRET technology!!!!!!! | TotesNotAScam.net
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