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  1. "Radial size" = nominal diameter, no idea why the developers chose an ambiguous term like that. In a lot of mods, 'KSP scale' is normally around 0.625x real life parts + adjustment to fit size categories more exactly, but the Cupola is one of the many stock parts that don't fit that scale at all.
  2. As stated a few posts above, Tundra's Starship has ben replaced by Starship Expansion Project
  3. You did. TUBM is a wormhole
  4. Thanks @modus for alerting me <Press upper left quadrant of rodent-like input device>
  5. Banned for not capitalizing the book's title properly, like this: "Books".
  6. 2007 This has some personal significance, won't tell you what
  7. Made a rocket launch truck for whatever reason We cut a few 'S1 Utility Vehicles' apart and joined them together with a hole in the middle. It's not carrying nukes. Truck parts from OSUV. Raising rocket. For some reason I decided to put the exhaust hole in the middle of the truck. so I had to have a piston pull it forward as well. Raised and locked. Launch went relatively normal other than the launch platform bouncing up slightly when the rocket launched due to the large reduction in load. Going up Second stage firing Upper stage for final orbit insertion Because I'm doing this in an install with modlist highly influenced by my younger brother, I have BDArmory but not SCANsat. So without ground imaging telescopes or mapping radar, I installed a FLIR ball instead. Yes, I set the antenna direction 'backwards' from the sensible direction, I didn't notice until too late.
  8. Another small update, image pending: OKC 0.1.2 "I'm Not Dead" Added small Launch Control Center, when OSS's 'mini' LCC is still too big Added "nissen" hut hangars to fit with stock "nissen" hut labs, max allowable wingspan is 8 m due to me modelling the thing a bit too narrow and long. Comes in green and gray. Added 4x8m nissen hut, comes in green and gray.
  9. Someone mistakenly launches an Aerobee from the lunch pad Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
  10. Banned for mentioning timestamps
  11. Space station with guns. DSCOVR
  12. I think this should work without changing any part names. @PART[kerbalEV*] { @MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart] { @DEFAULTPARTS { !name = evaChute } } } Alternatively, if you don't want kerbals to have anything on them by default then this may work @PART[kerbalEV*] { @MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart] { !DEFAULTPARTS{} } }
  13. Pencil drawing I made just now, of Jeb on the Mun. That rounded thing under the main tank is a Doughnut with a Spark engine offset into the hole. I haven't actually flown the vessel yet.
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