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  1. Banned for pfp kerbal doing a slightly weird pose
  2. Any reason why search results are limited to 1 page?
  3. What exactly needs to be updated? Also absences of a a month or two aren't really anything strange in KSP modding
  4. Good (insert time of day) to you @ColdJ @iamn00b hope you aren't too busy
  5. As is semi-regular for me, this isn't in KSP but related to KSP Retextures for CNAR V2: A4 Generic Test Pattern V2 Camouflage V2 Late-War Green Bumper (ahistorical) BDB Etoh inspired mounted, thermo baro standalone, geiger/goo
  6. The ability to shift yourself by 1 Planck time every day
  7. KerbinSide Skyways also has those hangars, you just need to place them yourself.
  8. They're from the KerbinSide Kampus mod. (as well as that road sticking out of the R&D facility, and the offices and apartments connected to that road, partly under the volcano in that picture) Be warned that those hangars overlap with KerbinSide Remastered's side taxiway and block of small hangars.
  9. The stock site isn't usable, unfortunately. It also doesn't have any roads or that airfield (those were added through mods)
  10. As alive as he is. Exactly how alive he is depends on the reader's opinion. Why don't ants eat fresh food?
  11. EDIT: razed to the ground after the mapdecal kept not doing anything EDIT2: Turns out it’s the KSR mapdecal’s fault being in the same place. Will make a new version of this sometime in future
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