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  1. Thanks for pointing that out! I'll make sure to fix that in the next update!
  2. Thanks for fixing the problem! I don't know why there was no PWP folder, since it is in version 1.1. I guess I forgot to add it
  3. Hmm... That's weird... I'll see what I can do
  4. Thanks for pointing that out! I'll fix it by changing the altitude to 69999m Also, I'm happy to announce, the SSTO contracts are finally working!
  5. Wait, that's illegal Also, most land safely, don't kill anyone etc. parts of the contracts will be removed, as @Caerfinon pointed out that
  6. Well, I have to make the SSTO contracts work at some point
  7. Hello! First of all, thanks for adding the mod to CKAN! The MiniAVC.dll and .gitignore files will be removed with 1.3 I will also make sure to make a release in github. Version 1.3 isn't coming out today because KSP doesn't want to start
  8. Noted! Will be changed in the next update, which should come out today SSTO contracts not included That's a good suggestion! It will be added after I make the SSTO contracts work, so probably never I did notice the chain of failures, and that part of the contract will be removed.
  9. First, you will encounter contracts that lead you to reaching Mach1,2.... and altitude contracts that will lead you to the edge of space, then you will get a contract that will require you to build a plane that can get to space and back, then are SSTO contracts to Kerbin orbit and to the surfaces of the Mun and Minmus, but those aren't working. There are also stunt contracts but those also don't work. They will be fixed in the next update though! Edit: The SSTO contracts were not fixed. Maybe next year
  10. I sure will add those, but first I have to figure out how to make the SSTO contracts work
  11. Yes, they are inspired by another mod (first one), the rest are made so that the progression seems realistic/they don't progress too fast or too slow The mod that inspired this mod was getting buggy (flags not showing up and other things) because it hadn't been updated since 1.5 or 1.6 Oh and it is named GAP And yes, the blast goes right over the rudder because it makes the plane look cool
  12. Planes With Purposes v1.4 Hello! This is my first mod, Planes with Purposes. The purpose of this mod is to make Aircraft useful. Big thanks to @inigma for making the mod that inspired this one! His mod: Link to GAP The mod is by no means finished or bug free, so please report any bugs encountered in the comments of this forum page, the Github issues thingy or my discord (Tudor#8762) Known bugs: There are no bugs because I'm the best (Anyone that says otherwise will be given an internship at the experimental rocket
  13. I guess this flies pretty well https://kerbalx.com/TudorAerospace/Eagle-Plane
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