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  1. It would seem I lost asteroids from Kerbol system with this? I have 2 IR scanners, one above and one below Kerbin. I have ~45 objects found, all of which are around the other stars? Also have a find comets contract (around Kerbol), and not looking likely to find any? Thanks for what seems like amazing work. Wanted to earn my way to the stars, so starting up with Far Future.
  2. Ok, thanks! Managed to find some under ksp parts, and it works.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I don't think I have any drinking water parts as I don't have any life support mods with kspie... Any advice on a simple mod I might add in to get drinking water, or have I missed something with kspie?
  4. Perhaps something broke water electrolysis isru with the latest version? I had a mining station setup up with kspie 1.25.35 and 1.10 of KSP I just updated to 1.11 KSP and 1.26.15 skpie. It now says "out of water" at the electrolysis, even though there is water (LiquidWater). I tried to build a new "ship" in that save, which just has a power source, some hydrates and the isru line. Still the same "out of water". Then tried a new sandbox save. And still the same. CO2 electrolysis from the same works just fine.
  5. Perhaps you have not matched the fuel (propellant) in the tank with the propellant mode of your engine?
  6. Ok, thanks. So it should follow that at least the drills work (to produce hydrates in this case)? That wasn't my experince. Do the Universal Mining Augers work as well as the universal drills? What's the relevant distinction anyway, looks like augers are just a bit cheaper per lifting power and drills longer?
  7. Ok. So presently I am not seeing any message when I leave the running craft to space center (at 1x time), warp a few days, and come back (via tracking station). Is it s a problem that the whole chain of isru is running so that only the end result is stored (Liq H2) (limit is at mining)? Power there should be plenty, likewise with cooling. So what all are the requirements? The craft does a "physics easing jump" when switched to, or time warp ends. So for a moment it is not "properly landed". This seems practically unavoidable? Thanks for any help.
  8. I can't seem to get my isru setup to work off-screen? Anything I should know? When I flew another craft to the mining base (when it entered physics range) I got some messages on operating off-screen. Not entirely sure if something happened. But when I just put the base to function, it happily produces maybe 1000 LH2 per day when I look at it, warp or not, but nothing at all off-screen (for several days). When I just switch to the base, I do not get such messages. I am operating a H2 + Hydrolox miner at minmus, I have 8 universal mining augers at 200% scale (corresponding to 32 regula
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