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  1. how do I put my save file in the forums?
  2. In hindsight, it was probably a bad idea to try this as my first mission to any other celestial body. It went about as well as a Blunderbirds-demanding mission At least i got there, and 3 of my kerbals are alive, but the surface base isn't exactly that useful anymore, and I think Jeb is starting to hate minimus-flavored ice cream
  3. couldn't find anything, does anyone know how to change your kerbals' suit colors?
  4. Thanks! I can also do it in the SPH right? I'll check the wiki for the color thing
  5. so they don't Hiroshima or Nagasaki When am I?
  6. How do I change my Kerbals' spacesuit color in career mode? what do I need?
  7. I noticed the subforum after posting this, does anyone know how to move it? also, for my submission, I made a plane with 3 junos on either side of the plane, I'll post a picture in a bit yes, it requires a jet engine.
  8. so we just take them on a honeymoon to vall, dres, eve, kerbin, or the mun or minimus?
  9. whats ike long live eve jk ike's cool
  10. has anyone considered that with the method of timewarp discussed earlier on this page, the game will need to register thousands of years of passage of time to simulate it to other players, and that if your space station from 100 years ago is harmed by someone back then, that you won't be able to do anything abut it? So i thought, how about players can literally just make their craft move really quickly when timewarping. I know this system has its flaws and could potentially ruin a mun race where both craft are in space if you just timewarp to the mun, but with refinements made, i think this ti
  11. I just got an idea: a challenge: Make a supersonic jet using the least amount of science points possible (must be in level flight, cannot be going downwards). for this challenge, simply post a photo of the tech tree used, write how many science points you used, and a screenshot or video of you flying the jet at over mach 1.
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