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  1. The addition of MagPie radically changes textures for the better. However, you need to add the parts yourself (example model = TantaresLV / parts / ENERGIA / Energia_1_Engine_1) to the MagPie config. Also, the main thing is not to forget to turn on the frame update, otherwise the details will not shine, but only darken.
  2. Space gliders are some of the best things. They have good aerodynamic characteristics for a smooth descent into the atmosphere, and they are also very beautiful (DreamChaser, Klipper). It's just that Contares is a special mod that will either force you to play in the warehouse, or rebalance it to x2.5 on its own, several people will go for such a feat (including me) I think because of this and the low popularity of the mod. But Contares is the best I've ever seen, because it allows you to collect a collection of space technology from the whole world and not just one country. Therefore, I wish
  3. Very nice! I appreciate the realism in KSP and you've taken it one step further. I confess that my favorite fuel is various toxic substances, for example, UDMH
  4. Played with the Waterfall. This is probably not the limit. Deadalus, it's a pity that on low thrust this beauty is not visible (((
  5. This is a 100% copy of the RSS with all exact orbits, only in Kerbin's size.
  6. It is very gratifying that you are fixing such important things that actually lead to an improvement in the KSP-I gameplay. The more things work easier, clearer and without bugs, the more enjoyable and fun it is to play.
  7. To be honest, I don't know how to correctly make and attach a new effect from waterfall. Yesterday I was able to create, bind and save this effect in the 1-stage of "Proton" using a few poke methods. Besides, this is just my raw test version, the exhaust is not perfect and you will probably have to calibrate it. But as far as I know, you need to replace the CFG configuration of the first stage of the "Proton" at Kerbal Space Program \ GameData \ TantaresLV \ parts \ PROTON. (Also make sure you have Waterfall installed)
  8. Quickly made an exhaust for the Proton on the new Waterfall. RIP RealPlume. Same settings, but very nice effect at night.
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