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  1. Heyo, quick question, is it still true that Parallax is better not to be used alongside Planetshine? Last time I asked was ~1.5 years ago so I just want to know if anything changed.
  2. Parallax 2.0 is awesome, congrats on the release! You got me playing KSP again after a break. Quick question though, Planetshine is still not recommended to use alongside Parallax, right?
  3. So first, this issue is not CKAN's problem because they technically still work together, just not as they should, and sorting out these kinds of issues is not duty of the CKAN devs. Which brings me to your second question: AVP and most other visual packs basically just use outdated configs which were made out-of-date by the new scatterer versions. That's why the atmospheres look all weird. This just happens whenever major changes are done to a mod that is a dependency of many other mods. The only way to currently use the newest scatterer versions is by just downloading scatterer, EVE and whatever else you want with their respective default configs and not get any packs like AVP or Spectra. Still won't work with OPM though because their plantes will still look weird from their outdated configs.
  4. Looks awesome, can't wait to see this in game! One humble question, can we expect a Beyond Home update to the newer Parallax and KSP versions anytime soon?
  5. But you should be able to use OPM alongside Parallax, right?
  6. Let me just clear this up, AVP does NOT work with the 0.08 version(s) of scatterer correctly yet. OP promised an update back in November but has been quiet since, so I'd recommend using scatterer version 0.0772 for now. Same for basically every other visual pack btw:
  7. no RO involved, only stockalike mods and KSRSS
  8. According to the scatterer dev, the atmosphere issues are probably caused by (now) outdated configs. Will there be an update to Beyond Home in the foreseeable future?
  9. will the atmospheric altitude settings work for planet packs with different atmospheres?
  10. Cross-post from the scatterer thread; TL:DR I got some weird issues with atmospheres after updating scatterer.
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