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  1. So I assume this mod is compatible with FAR, isn't it?
  2. Sorry for impatiently asking, but is there any release date for the Space Dust update in sight?
  3. One question, does the OPM Edition still work in the newer versions? On CKAN, it's marked for 1.3.1.
  4. @Cheesecake No. Just as Aerospacer said yesterday: Also, I'll end the discussion now. I've said everything necessary, if you still believe stock parts are "overpowered for stock", it's not my problem. Thanks to everyone else for the conversation, I'm going to play with JNSQ in the not too distant future
  5. Well, I've never played JNSQ, but if you say Luciole doesn't even have a realistic performance in 2.5 times stock scale, then I'm not surprised it's massively overpowered for stock. Well, the reason why you would download something like BDB is to recreate specific missions, isn't it? But I get your point, and it really makes more sense to design a mod for recreating real-life launch vehicles to be comparable with stock parts (and have somewhat the performance of their real-life counterparts) in 2.5x rescale instead of giving them realistic performance for stock scale and making the par
  6. @Cheesecakewell yes, but no. Some people say stock parts are overpowered for stock, and that's not really true. It depends on what kind of mod you have. A mod like for example NF launch vehicles or just simply stock KSP gives you parts to build whatever you want to and you decide if it's overpowered or not. Mods like BDB or Luciole however are made with real or conceptual vehicle designs in mind, but unfortunately they are often balanced for 2.5 rescale and therefore overpowered for the stock planet system. And that's what I was trying to say. Of course, you can always sit back and enjoy big
  7. JNSQ is "not for the player-base at large, but for seasoned players", and I only have KSP since about half a year. I mean I wouldn't consider myself as a noob, but I'm just not good enough for JNSQ.
  8. @Aerospacer well yeah, it's indeed a bit overpowered. If I didn't drop the second stage with lots of fuel in it, I could've probably managed to take the included 'Rescue Pod' craft to the mun or further. Some kind of stock version with tweaked tanks and engines for more realistic performance would be very nice.
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