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  1. Yeah, it would be rather reasonable to send firstly there uncrewed mission. I`ve read somewhere that Space X`s plans is to make uncrewed mission in 2024 to Mars with Starship and deliver there some equipment wich are needed for the crewed mission to make some explorations.
  2. Yeah, people from Space X have the main target to make the crewed mission to Mars but nobody knows how to bring this crew back. Mars colonization seems to me crazy too. First of all I guess it`s impossible because of the harsh environment of the red planet and weakness of our technology. I`d better stay on Earth too)
  3. Besides, Starship has a lot of problems that cannot allow this spacecraft making complete crewed mission. I mean petrol issue. I assume it can deliver the crew on the red planet but it would be a one way trip for this crew. However, as a marketing project Starship works perfectly
  4. I am still not sure enough wether we are able to make crewed journey to Mars at the present time or before 2026 like Mask said. I am convinced that we are simply not ready. To be more accurate our technology is too weak for that, there are a lot of issues that we didn`t solve yet to go to the red planet.
  5. I actually like small but promising company from Scotland which manufactures rather good and interesting projects. I Skyrora . I was pretty staggered by the rocket which is called SkyHy and uses the term the hybtid rocket. Moreover this company manufactures different types of microsatellites and payloads.
  6. Also, I wanna mention Boeing. This company manufactures engines for some spacecrafts and this company had to take part in Artemis mission together with Space X and NASA. And as far as I know Boeing has some intresting consepts of spacecrafts.
  7. I`d like to mention Blue Origin which is a great private space company. This company may be going slower than SpaceX, but their success to failure ratio is unmatched. Off course it`s not so advanced like Space X and does not so well in the space exploration area but still, Blue Origin has great spacecrafts and concepts that worth attention.
  8. Nowadays, private space company really succeeded and manufactures pretty good technology and space vehicle. What do you think is the most advanced private space company ( except Space X ) at the present time?
  9. Getting back to my topic satellites are very important in our life. And the video you`ve shared with us proves it. Some sorts of sats and microsatellites help scientists observe melting of glaciers, track rare species of animals and control deforestation in some regions. So with the help of that sats scientists can affect on environmental preservation process.
  10. This company manufactures so called ``hybrid`` rocket to o test the thermal protection coating as well as on board telementry components under flight conditions.The term ``hybrid`` was given to it because it combines solid Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB) fuel and 90% Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) liquid oxidiser. The actual name of the rocket is Skyhy. Reply Report Edit Delete
  11. That`s a good point and good project to make. But still I don`t think that governments are ready to invest money in it. Most of them might think that it`s useless and waste of money.
  12. That`s a good point. I guess that such kind of space technology can help scientists to make appropriate measures to prevent global warming and save environment from being completely destroyed.
  13. Can such space technology like or satellites or microsatellites make their investsments in preservation of the environment on Earth? For example, such project like Sentinel-6 satellite we can observe sea level and other stuff that can help scientists make particular operation in environmental preservation.
  14. Have you ever heard about Sun-synchronous orbit spacecrafts? According to the information I`ve found such name have weather satellites and some kind of scientific satellites. Also, I`ve heard that there are not only weather satellites and scientific satellites that are used in Sun-synchronous orbit. Do you know which kind of sats or maybe other spacecrafts are used for Sun-synchronous orbit?
  15. That is a good point! Talking about the Parker Solar Probe and the Sun exploration, I`d like to mention the SWIMMR programme. The four year programme (2019-2023) is focusing on reducing the potential radiation hazards of space weather to satellites and aviation operations, mitigating potential space weather effects on communication and global positioning, as well as diminishing the potential risks of space weather to electric power distribution.
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