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  1. (Not exactly *in* KSP just yet, but it's for KSP so it should be fine) Started work on something very old, but also very new.
  2. Launched Gamble 30 to dock with the space station Castellan, carrying Crisfen and Romund on a 100-day stay at the castle in the sky.
  3. Today, I finished up the design of the advanced Gale space shuttle, to be used for large cargo launches and bringing the reusable Illustrious nuclear tugs between the Constellation orbital station and the ground.
  4. i'll give this a shot this evening, i'll let you know if it's still not working - i'm really gonna need this mod for some of the things i'm doing in this save
  5. ah, yeah, i'm getting that same error now even with the versions you suggested installing
  6. My own! It's called Distant Lights, it's a big work in progress, but it's a binary system between a red dwarf and a white dwarf, with like 20-25 landable bodies to be once it's all done I'll likely make a development thread here on the forums once I put out the first playable alphas (likely within a week or two) In the meantime, though, I may post some more things on this forum thread
  7. https://imgur.com/mHEzS0q Watched Aeroc and Osmo spin around me from Osmo's tiny moonlet, Byn
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